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While my Plex Media Server is still the primary place I watch TV Shows and Movies, proceeding the PPlay v3.8 Video Player Update PS4 PKG and his PlayStation 4 Magic USB pack @jose gozalez (aka josegar21481364 on Twitter) recently tested out making videos as PS4 PKGs and watching them on his Jailbroken PS4 console. 📽️ 🎞️

For those in the PS4 Scene interested in his feedback and results, check out the PS4 PKG Videos demonstration from Jose Gonzalez's YouTube Channel below... and drop by JoseGonzalezvv's PayPal Page if you'd like to support his continued efforts. <3

I was curious if you could make videos in PKG and I see that it is.

  • The advantage is that you install it directly on the internal SSD without worrying about looking for a player.
  • Install, run and delete the movie instantly.
  • Your movies ordered on your PS4/PS5.
  • I recommend it? NO, who watches movies on their PS4? LOL
:arrow: PS4 Movie Maker v1.0: Batch Script to Convert / Make Videos Into .PKGs
PS4 PKG Videos Demo Advantages & Disadvantages by Jose Gonzalez.png


This is so awesome and tried to make this happen a couple years ago to no success. I could not get the wrapper to execute along with the video data but that isn't my area of expertise.

Really awesome and while few do watch video on PS4 (lol), it's cool to see it done!
@Chumdiddy1 Exactly, I still remember the times of recording DVDs for my father. now seeing everything online is the norm, with games the same thing will happen, all through the internet. or play directly in the metaverse, your glasses, your controls and ready.
It boggles my mind how addicted many are to the 'convenience' of streaming services that they're willing to pay monthly for content available elsewhere to download free and stream themselves... must be nice having money to burn. 🤑
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