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Following his PS5 Xplorer: PlayStation 5 File Explorer / Manager PKG, today PS4Scene homebrew developer @Lapy aka Lapy05575948 on Twitter released PS4 Player 3D v1.00 which is a 3D Video Player featuring PSVR Support for PlayStation 4 with further details below. 🎦

Download: PS4_PS4 Player 3D - 1.00 (1).pkg (54.8 MB - LAPY20014_V1.00.pkg) / LapyGames PayPal <3

PS4 Player 3D 1.00 (VR1234-LAPY20014_00-0000000000000000.pkg)
  • 3D video player with VR support (not required)
  • Copy your 3D videos to a folder named 3DVideos on a USB or in /data.
Thanks to DefaultDNB, Anubis_Qz, megadjx13, moromusa and backport893.

The app can automatically configure your playback, if you add one of these strings to the video file name:
_180 (for 180º videos)
_360 (for 360º videos)
_TB (for TOP BUTTON videos)
_LR (for LEFT RIGHT videos)
Example: Delicious Fight_LR.mp4, Night Sky_360_TB

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PS4 Player 3D v1.00 3D Video Player with VR Support by Lapy05575948.png


I've been waiting for such player for soooo loooooooooong! :love: Confirming it works just fine on FW v9.00, tried LR and TB videos! @Lapy you're the greatest! (y)

Eat THIS, Littlstar / Rad.TV! :p
Why no other file formats other than MP4? Or how about steaming capabilities or debrid cloud services etc... These would be great additions to this.

Either way awesome addition to the media player, one step at a time.
Oh, one more thing @Lapy: it would be nice if you'll add setting for changing aspect ratio in application, 'cause currently it stretches videos to the fullscreen and this distorts the picture a little 🙏