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Following his PS4_Tools Homebrew & PS4 Unjail updates and the recent PS4 Icon Project with PS5 Style Pack, today PlayStation 4 Scene homebrew developer @TheDarkprograme shared on Twitter PS4 PluginX V1.0 PKG which simplifies changing the PS4 BGM and PS4 Icons, is open source and should support up to 9.00 Jailbroken PS4 consoles with no issues currently reported. :tup:

Download: PS4.PluginX.V1.0.pkg (92.7 MB) / GIT / Icons_Ps4.rar (65.1 MB)

He has a PSTools Patreon Page <3 set up to support his continued development work, and here's a bit more about the PS4 PluginX homebrew app from the PS4-PluginX

PluginX for PS4

The project was inspired by the original PluginX for the PS3

  • :r3: - Copy files from usb folder (/usb0 or /usb1) to the correct folder (Folder structure on USB will be /usb0/PluginX/CUSA0001)

  • :/\: - Change System BGM from the USB

  • :[]: - Create the essential folders on usb (/usb0/PluginX/) this will also create a sub folder for every game/app inside system_ex for you so you can easily replace the files you need
Requirements (building):
PS4 PluginX V1.0 PKG to Change BGM Icons by xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx.png


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