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I have a PS4 Pro that is a 1 TB device. I got it for black friday some years back with the intent of hacking it but I never got around to it. I intentionally never updated it whatsoever so it can't even play games because the software version is still 3.70. I also have a ps4 slim that was on an older firmware also but updated it to play FF7, so technically I don't need them both.

Should I just keep it and use the console or is there a market for these?

Spoiler: Pictures

It says Model CUH-70158

I intended to put this up for sale on ebay but never got around to it. When it goes on sale, that is what I will do with it.
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Nice system and it will sell fast. It’s up to you on where to sell. I would suggest giving it a a couple of days here and ultimately selling on eBay if you do not get any offers. Please provide a link on eBay for others that are interested here. Good luck and stay healthy. 🙏😷🙏
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