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Hello everyone, found out how to save and replace saves from and to PS4-PS Vita for games that have been released on both platforms.

Normally, the cross-save function baked in the games require PSN, so this is a way to get around that.

  • Both PS4 & PS Vita need to be hacked/jailbroken. Firmware doesn't matter, game versions don't matter either.
  • For PS4: Apollo Save Tool
  • For PS Vita: VitaShell
  • Games need to follow the same or similar structure on both platforms (PS4 / Vita)
Copying and replacing the saves:
  • Open Apollo Save Tool > HDD Saves > Your game.
  • Export Decrypted Save Files and select your USB drive.
  • Apollo will create a folder on the USB drive (PS4 > APOLLO). The save file should be called SYSTEM.DAT.
  • Simply rename SYSTEM.DAT to system.bin (make sure you do rename the extension dat to bin and not system.bin.dat).
  • Some games might have different naming schemes for the files but as long as both the Vita and PS4 have similar naming schemes then the games will most likely work.
  • Copy the save to your Vita (any folder).
  • On PS Vita make sure you open the game and wait until it makes a save. You need a save to be created so it can be replaced.
  • Open VitaShell and navigate to ux0 > user > 00 > savedata.
  • Once you see your game ID, press Triangle button > Open decrypted.
  • Copy and replace system.bin.
  • Done.
Final notes:
  • Note that "Checking DLC content" will show again on your Vita. A bit annoying if you have all of them, you will have to spam X. This is only a first time issue tho.
  • Tested and confirmed working on Persona Dancing series (3, 4 & 5) & Gundam Breaker 3 Break Edition.
  • To do the same but from Vita to PS4, just follow the tutorial but backwards.
  • If you test a game, please comment if this method works for that game, as I plan on making a list on my wiki.
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I hope this isn't a silly question but could it be possible to say for example take a save from 9.00 and copy it to a 6.72 ps4 to mod it?

@MODDEDWARFARE has said it is not possible but could there be a possibility in the future?

Apollo save tool for the ps4 is amazing šŸ˜

Bian Zoldark

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basically is this :

1. Both game must the same name on both platform
2. Both game saves must be decrypted
3. Both game decrypted saves file names must be same

at least that from my experience anyway