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Hello everyone, found out how to save and replace saves from and to PS4-PS Vita for games that have been released on both platforms.

Normally, the cross-save function baked in the games require PSN, so this is a way to get around that.

  • Both PS4 & PS Vita need to be hacked/jailbroken. Firmware doesn't matter, game versions don't matter either.
  • For PS4: Apollo Save Tool
  • For PS Vita: VitaShell
  • Games need to follow the same or similar structure on both platforms (PS4 / Vita)
Copying and replacing the saves:
  • Open Apollo Save Tool > HDD Saves > Your game.
  • Export Decrypted Save Files and select your USB drive.
  • Apollo will create a folder on the USB drive (PS4 > APOLLO). The save file should be called SYSTEM.DAT.
  • Simply rename SYSTEM.DAT to system.bin (make sure you do rename the extension dat to bin and not system.bin.dat).
  • Some games might have different naming schemes for the files but as long as both the Vita and PS4 have similar naming schemes then the games will most likely work.
  • Copy the save to your Vita (any folder).
  • On PS Vita make sure you open the game and wait until it makes a save. You need a save to be created so it can be replaced.
  • Open VitaShell and navigate to ux0 > user > 00 > savedata.
  • Once you see your game ID, press Triangle button > Open decrypted.
  • Copy and replace system.bin.
  • Done.
Final notes:
  • Note that "Checking DLC content" will show again on your Vita. A bit annoying if you have all of them, you will have to spam X. This is only a first time issue tho.
  • Tested and confirmed working on Persona Dancing series (3, 4 & 5) & Gundam Breaker 3 Break Edition.
  • To do the same but from Vita to PS4, just follow the tutorial but backwards.
  • If you test a game, please comment if this method works for that game, as I plan on making a list on my wiki.
PS4 PS Vita Cross-Saves with Apollo Save Tool and VitaShell Tutorial.jpg



Absolutely love that this is possible! I just recently dug my Vita out, and this is an awesome feature - now if we could have a half-automated tool, that would be even more amazing!