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This weekend @Hackinside shared on Twitter PS4 and PS5 Cameras Windows 10 / Windows 11 Drivers along with an updated video tutorial for 2022 from his YouTube Channel available below. :love:

For those new in the PS4Scene / PS5Scene, here are some related articles sorted by date with the oldest first:
And below a few more recent articles can be found showcasing some of the work done by Hackinside and his colleagues in the scene:
Finally, from the video's description to quote: PS4 and PS5 Cameras Windows Drivers Overview and Tutorial

Before beginning... Make sure you identify the USB 3.0 port on your PC/LAPTOP. The USB2.0 has four contacts in a single row. USB3.x has a second row of five contacts.

For more information about how to identify USB types visit:

Unofficial PlayStation 4 camera adaptor - PS4 AUX Port to USB 3.0: PSVR Dev kit

For the installation files:
Programs for the webcam:
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PS4 and PS5 Cameras Windows Drivers Overview and Tutorial 2022
PS4 PS5 Cameras Windows Drivers & Tutorial for 2022 by HackInside.png


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