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Developer idlesauce on Github released a PS4 / PS5 EBOOT DLC Patcher Python Script crediting @jocover for discovering the functions used to load DLCs intended for use with PlayStation 4 Fake PKGs running on Exploited PlayStation 5 consoles where the PS4 DLC FPKGs currently aren't working. 🤩

Download: (914 KB) / ps4-eboot-dlc-patcher-linux-arm64 (7.76 MB) / ps4-eboot-dlc-patcher-linux-x64 (7.45 MB) / ps4-eboot-dlc-patcher-win-arm64.exe (6.66 MB) / ps4-eboot-dlc-patcher-win-x64.exe (6.42 MB) / / GIT

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@BedroZen reports on Twitter he's already working on some patched PS4 games, with further details from the accompanying PS4-EBOOT-DLC-Patcher

This is intended to be used on PS5 where dlc fpkgs don't work. It automatically patches the eboot (or other executables) to use custom prx which replaces calls to the libSceAppContent library to load dlcs from the base pkg.

Other OS and arch binaries are available here, along with a framework-dependent version which is cross-platform, but requires the dotnet 8 runtime.

  1. Extract the update pkg of the game, or if the game is base only or merged base+update, then extract the Sc0 and sce_sys folders along with the executables to patch. The executables you need will most likely be eboot.bin and other .elf files (most games only use the eboot.bin) (it could also be .prx, but ignore .prx files in the sce_module folder)
  2. Run selfutil on the executables to decrypt them.
  3. For the easiest usage copy all the dlc pkgs and executables into a folder then highlight and drag them onto the ps4-eboot-dlc-patcher exe. (You can also drag just the dlc pkgs onto it and enter the executables paths in the menu, or enter all paths as cli arguments)
  4. Select patch executable(s) and wait for the patcher to do its thing
  5. At the end the patcher will show a list of paths for each dlc with extra data, you'll need to extract the contents of the respective dlc's Image0 into the given folder inside the update's Image0.
  6. The patcher outputs the patched executables in the same folder as the patcher exe/eboot_patcher_output, copy back the executables into the update folder. Make sure you rename the file back to what it was before you ran selfutil since it changes the extension to .elf! The dlcldr.prx always goes into the root of Image0 of the update, even if the executable patches wasn't in that folder.
  7. Repack the update
  • Right now only games that rely on libSceAppContent is supported, some newer cross-gen games use libSceNpEntitlementAccess, if this is the case the patcher will give an error, support for this library is doable I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
  • This isn't a limitation of this program, but something to note is that you cannot create update pkgs for remaster type pkgs.
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