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Today I (@SnakePlissken aka _SnakePlissken1 on X) present to you HAMMER for PS4 and PS5 platforms... a homebrew arcade-style shooter game complete with a demonstration video from my snakeplissken2862 channel on YouTube. 🎯 💯

This work-in-progress release comes following my previous PSFreeDOOM Homebrew Game, playable on PS4 Jailbroken consoles in the PS4Scene and PS5 Hacked consoles in the PS5Scene using the PS5HEN 4.03 PS4 FPKG Enabler, PS5HEN 4.50 PS4 FPKG Enabler, PS5HEN 4.51 PS4 FPKG Enabler or other payloads via the PS5 Kstuff Porting Tool.

To Do:
  • add the shop button to the pause menu.
Side note: there is a link in the main menu that leads to our developer teams website, however as of today our website is down temporally, and were working on getting it back online, not a biggy tho

First 4 mins of HAMMER on PS4
PS4 PS5 Homebrew HAMMER Arcade Shooter Game by SnakePlissken.png

PS4 PS5 Homebrew HAMMER Arcade Shooter Game by SnakePlissken 2.png


yeah @Edgelord420. nice name by the way. i thought about adding duke nukem as the main player character, eh this one was hard enough to port to ps4 as it was anyways tho. but hey keep a eye out for my next release. one i have been working on for some time : called Space requiem, truly a homebrew i been working on for some time. i'll have it out soon
definately cool, gonna have to check it out. psfreedom was alright, could use some gui menus and settings and stuff like that but cool concept.
@stinger101mg in the next update there will be a main menu and a pause menu. in this next update within the main menu there will be a master levels option with a whole new set of 8 to 12 levels added to the game. will also further ajust performance. there should also be dynamic particle explosions on the barrels when shot at and when enemy fireballs explode however for some reason there not showing up on platform in the current build so will be fixing this to so in the next update expect some next gen flash in these departments. ( i also was thinking of giving the player a dynamic light togglable shoulder mounted flash light )