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Following the 9.00 PS4 WebKit Exploit / 4.03 PS5 WebKit Exploit, Full Chain Exploit Rumored and Root PS5 Keys Obtained yesterday Twitter lit up once again with various PS4 Scene / PS5 Scene developers taking interest after Mark Ermolov's Intel Processor Advisory disclosure of a non-damaging way to extract the security fuses (Chipset + EPID root keys) from the Intel platforms proceeded by Volodymyr Pikhur's AMD Server Vulnerabilities for November 2021 security bulletin. :geek:

For those unfamiliar with Volodymyr Pikhur (aka VPikhur)'s past contributions in the PlayStation 4 Scene, some highlights include being credited for PS4 Southbridge Processor work with EAP / EMC (PS5 EMC UART Pinouts) via side-channel analysis, glitching and ROM recovery in his PS4 IPL AES + HMAC Key Recovery project, a PS4 Presentation at Recon Brussels 2018 (PS4 Rest Mode REcon Slideshow PDF) discussing the custom PS4 Southbridge silicon's security failures and sharing PS4 APU Floor Plan High-Resolution Die Shots (following PS4 Syscon High-Res Images and prior to the PS5 SoC / APU / SSD-Controller Die-Shots) at Toorcon 2019 with speculation his way by ChappaYuan as a potential source of the leaked 7.0 PS4 Decrypted Filesystem and Kernel dump. 🚰

While there's currently no definitive consensus among PS5Scene devs publicly on whether the SMAP Bypass FreeBSD 12 Vulnerability May Affect PS5 or the Potential AMD SP (Secure Processor) Glitch for PS5 Fuses reported earlier this year, in mid-August some BIOS SUITE / HDT Serials for AMD Tools leaked but unfortunately an AMD login is required to fully unlock them. 🔓

As for consensus among PS4Scene devs, based primarily on Tweets embedded in previous SAMU-related topics it's fairly safe to surmise there are two distinctive groups- those with access to SAMU goodies and those without access... as the latter hopes these newfound AMD vulnerabilities may help level the playing field. If only both groups collectively worked together... 💞
:idea: I've recently been pointed to the first article from 2016 linked above by others a few times now, as apparently the Coreboot repository linked there has been updated over the last year or so quietly revealing SAMU's secrets. 🤫

:question: Could info some are seeking have been hidden in plain sight all this time? :unsure: That wouldn't surprise me any more than the oh-so-predictable Tweet directly below:

Spoiler: Related Tweets
PS4 PS5 Scene Devs on AMD Server Vulnerabilities for November 2021.jpg


Yeah, it's been painfully obvious for a while that there are two scenes for PS4 where one has SAMU and the other doesn't. We don't hear much of anything from those that do, lol. Save editing businesses aside...

Hopefully that field is leveled in some say soon, as you say. It would be nice.

However, I actually don't want full CFW on PS4 during it's life if that means full PSN access. PS3 showed us what damage that can do despite being fun for those that wish to cheat. I'd be happy with some kind of middle ground where HEN is stable and auto loaded but full PSN access is blocked.

Possible? Ehhh... lol
@jwooh consider the penultimate tweet (where XOR says "remember ps4 is amd") Also Xbox One is AMD, so could all this discussion be applied to that console too?
@Chumdiddy1 good point but since the ps5 is out i think the time has come for a cfw on ps4 with psn access with cheats lol it would keep the devs working for a few years making mod menus etc while the ps5 games build up and keep us all happy me anyway but for ps5 i would hold off a while.
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