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A few years back Red-EyeX32 made available a PlayStation 4 PUP Extractor with Source Code (below), and since then j0lama also posted one (below too).. coincidence or clone? :eyesroll:

This follows the PS4 PKG Unpacker by @RedEyeX32, PlayStation 4 PUP Extractor / PS4Unpacker by @xerpi / @Hykem, PS4Tools clones by @RetroA (aka @hishamage) and GIT mirrors from Keyaku. Bored yet? :noexpression:

Were is this hot mess going exactly? Hold your wad, we'll get there... but first let's revisit some PS4 XMB Mods from @Senaxx and PS4 App Database / UI Mods by e✘treme.

MultiMan PS4 by J0lama.jpgSo... recently j0lama reached out on Twitter with what appears to be a PlayStation 4 XMB modification of multiMAN PS4 (clear as mud still? :huh:) and an image showing what appears to be PS4 1.76 modded trophies.

The latter Tweet states the following:

PS4 1.76 Modded trophies with FTP edit: user/home/user_number/trophy/data/sce_trop/trpsummary.dat

PS4 1.76 Modded Trophies by J0lama.jpgSo what's the dealio with these supposed PS4 1.76 modded trophies? More XMB edits, known mods but not interesting or is @j0lama on to something cool?! Share your feedback in the comments below! :veryhappy:

:arrow: From above, on the PS4 PUP Extractors to quote from Red-EyeX32: Red-EyeX32 - PlayStation 4 PUP Extractor + Source Code

Download: Red-EyeX32 - Playstation 4 PUP Extractor.rar

Hello everyone, This is a program that will let you open a PlayStation 4 .PUP File container and let you extract the inner .PUP files inside the SLB2 container aka PS4UPDAT.PUP.

Red-EyeX32 - PlayStation 4 PUP Extractor + Source Code.png

I hope you enjoy and use the source as a learning tool. Don't try to make your own application and claim that you made it. I didn't see any open source application that let you extract crap from the .PUP file in C#, thus this is why I'm here. :happyblush

All you have to do is right click on the listView and select whatever you want to choose. And wa-la files are extracted. Don't try to make and edit the GUI and claim that you have made it!

And from j0lama, roughly translated to quote: PS4 PUP Extractor

Download: PS4 PUP Extractor.exe

Application PUP extract data from files and perform PS4 dumps internal files.

It is a simple application to extract data and information from different files update PS4 (PS4UPDAT.PUP). With this application you will see how many files side is formed the original PUP file, various data about them (name, size and direction in the beginning) and be able to dump the subfiles.

Here you have an image and a video program demo test with version 3.55.

PS4 PUP Extractor by J0lama.png

As I always say, this is a beta and it is normal to have bugs. To notify me of an error in the application contact me via Twitter or YouTube. A greeting.

MultiMAN PS4 PSN.jpg

MultiMAN PS4 Demarrer.png



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The PlayStation 4 PUP extractor unpacks PS4 PUP files to examine, as for the 1.76 modded trophies thing I think it's just for looks really to joke with friends about etc.
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