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Based on IDC's previous PS4 PUP_Unpack, PlayStation 4 developer Thunder07 (aka Zer0xFF on Twitter) made available a PS4 PUP Unpacker v1.0 to unpack decrypted PS4 PUP images such as the recent 3.70 Decrypted OFW by BurtE. :love:

Download: pup_unpacker.exe / GIT

In other news today since the PS4 Keys by RedEyeX32 released last month, Something Sinister shared a tool for PS4 developers to create RSA key pairs with source code stating the following: "Polarssl's rsa_genkey.exe generates RSA key pairs. All inputs generated internally.

This version generates RSA key pairs from user input. 2048bit keys only. User inputs the exponent and randoms p and q."

Download: (58 KB) / (18 KB) / (7.2 KB - contains ps4pkgdec.exe) / (14 KB) / (10 KB)

Additional details on usage with the PKGDec Tool are available from Robbie Luong for those interested. To quote from the file: pup_unpacker

A utility to unpack PS4 update blobs that have been previously decrypted using pup_decrypt. This is based on idc/ps4-pup_unpack rewritten with C++ and runs on Linux/OSX/Win32


This utility will not unpack the contents of nested filesystems. The filesystem images in updates are FAT32, exFAT, etc images and can be mounted or unpacked with other tools.

To Build

This app contains dependency to mateidavid/zstr as a submodule, as such it must be initiated before building. to do so run the following command:
git submodule update --init
Cheers go out to @prreis in the PSXHAX Shoutbox for the news tip earlier today! :beer:
PS4 PUP Unpacker by Thunder07 to Unpack Decrypted PS4 PUP Images.jpg
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Good news (I guess) :p Where does the 3.70 OFW decrypted firmware come from all of a sudden? Does this mean it's more likely to see a 3.7CFW then a 4.05 or later? Or it's unrelated? :p


Well i'm been following all the threads for PS4 jailbreak. Its interesting how things are developing. I was wondering how many ppl have upgraded their ps4 to ofw 4.05. And how does al the development benefit the end user.

Maybe all the things that was released so far is only for devs and not for Us as End user. I'm still staying at ofw 3.55 until there is something proper to come out.

Ps. Great work at all the DEVs that put in the time to tinker with this. its good to have you guys.
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