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Happy New Year to those already in 2022 and everyone celebrating New Year's Eve tonight... to kick things off following his recent PS4 MultiTrainer v1.1.5.5 update, PlayStation 4 Scene developer @Shiningami just released via Twitter PS4 ReaperStudio Public Beta 1 followed by PS4 ReaperStudio Public Beta 2 which is a PS4 tool that allows you to create game cheats and share them featuring a Debugger, Tool Converter, Trainer Engine, UI Assisted Cheat Creator and much more! šŸ„³

Download: (Beta 2) (48.1 MB) / Beta 2 Release Page / (Beta 1) (47.8 MB) / GIT

Be sure to drop by Team Reaper's Discord and the PS4 Game Saves Discord channel, Shiningami's YouTube Channel and those who would like to support his continued work directly may also Buy Shiningami a Coffee to say thanks! :coffee: <3

Here's further details on ReaperStudio Public Beta 1: PS4 ReaperStudio Public Beta 1


ReaperStudio is a PS4 tool that allow you to create cheat and share them. it include:
  • Debugger
  • Tool Converter (bytes -> to variable type or assembly code -> bytes )
  • Trainer engine
  • UI assisted cheat creator
  • and many more .......
    PS: this is a beta version
Special Thanks:

Golden: making PS4Debug & CTN123: updating PS4Debug

Hejran & Rizla for Testing

:arrow: Update: PS4 ReaperStudio Public Beta 2

  • Fix nop counter on direct patch
  • Fix AOB finder in patchentry
  • FIX BP list clear
  • Fix list counter for duplicate BP address
  • Fix patch stuck on eefresh trainerView
  • Fix reference variable editor
  • Fix detaching the debugger on disconnect
  • Add comment option for patch and variable
  • Add ASM syntax highlighter edit option
  • Add pointer address and value cell on BP listview and BP viewer
  • Add copy (ctrl+c ) option BP list cell
  • ... many other minor Fix
Special Thanks:
  • drlucas (Supporter & Tester)
  • Handsfromhell (Supporter)
  • Rlui0514 (Supporter)
  • Heman
  • Warzonebackground (Supporter)
  • jwhy (Supporter)
PS4 ReaperStudio Public Beta 1 Create & Share Game Cheats by Shiningami.png



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Most complete and advanced PS4 debugger and cheat making tool in the world, by far! Works perfectly in conjunction with CTN's PS4_Cheater!
Thank you!


the debugger doesn't seem to work for me, every time i click attach debugger i get this message: (process not connected).. the tool connects with no issue, only the debugger.

Edit: never mind i fixed it..


This is a great working! but I have a little question , when I open PS4 MultiTrainer, It can't load any trainer, I have clicked reload button, but nothing was happened?

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