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PlayStation 4 homebrew developer @benjamin94 aka BenjaminFaal (Twitter) let us know he pushed live a PS4 Remote PKG Installer GUI today for use with @flatz's PS4 Remote Package Installer and Updates. šŸ˜

Download: ps4-remote-pkg-installer-refs.tags.jar (Latest Version) / GIT / remote_pkg_installer.pkg (4.1 MB)

For those who missed it in the PS4Scene, this PS4 Remote PKG Installer Graphical User Interface (GUI) comes proceeding the recently compiled PS4OfflineAccountActivator for 7.02 FW via PoKeChaR1 with some previous PS4 RPI Apps listed below sorted by date with the oldest first:
And from the, to quote: PS4 Remote PKG Installer

PS4 Remote PKG Installer GUI for

Tired of copying PKG files to USB then walking over to your PS4 and manually installing them? PS4 Remote PKG Installer is here to help!

  • PS4 automatic discovery
  • Wake up PS4 from standby
  • Start Remote PKG Installer
  • Install local PKG files
  • Install PKG files from RAR
  • Install PKG files from URL
  • Install Manifest JSON
  • View tasks
  • Manage tasks
    • Pause
    • Resume
    • Stop
    • Remove
Got any suggestions or good ideas? Don't hesitate to open an issue: Open issue.
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In terms of numbers. the fastest you can go from the ethernet is 1000 mbps = ~125 MB/s. Wireless AC achieve about this speed. Game transfer speed would be limited by hard drive speed... Whether you have a regular HDD or SSD. PS4's USB speed is 5 Gbp/s = 625 MB/s. This value is also limited by storage speed.

The main benefit of this type of setup would be for convenience. Let's say you have a home NAS holding all your games connected to the router via ethernet. That can be accessed anywhere in the house to your PS4. All the installation can be done from your PC and then played via Remote Play.

So if you don't see yourself managing your PS4 remotely, there's no point in looking into how to use this. I like the convenience so this is my type of software.

@meler its java


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i have synology ds416p with 4th hdd 8tb for ps4. have 505 and 672 offline activated using remotepackage sender by @irefuse, it has best speed from syno to PS4 about 80mb/s.. i enable server ip and port but i dont get it how is this login function: PSN, manual or secound screen or any else.

dont have PSN acc. i connect with PSN user ID (1234567890123456789) with error but ps4 was connected. sending is 10-15mb/s.

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