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PlayStation 4 homebrew developer @benjamin94 aka BenjaminFaal (Twitter) let us know he pushed live a PS4 Remote PKG Installer GUI today for use with @flatz's PS4 Remote Package Installer and Updates. 😍

Download: ps4-remote-pkg-installer-refs.tags.jar (Latest Version) / GIT / remote_pkg_installer.pkg (4.1 MB)

For those who missed it in the PS4Scene, this PS4 Remote PKG Installer Graphical User Interface (GUI) comes proceeding the recently compiled PS4OfflineAccountActivator for 7.02 FW via PoKeChaR1 with some previous PS4 RPI Apps listed below sorted by date with the oldest first:
And from the, to quote: PS4 Remote PKG Installer

PS4 Remote PKG Installer GUI for

Tired of copying PKG files to USB then walking over to your PS4 and manually installing them? PS4 Remote PKG Installer is here to help!

  • PS4 automatic discovery
  • Wake up PS4 from standby
  • Start Remote PKG Installer
  • Install local PKG files
  • Install PKG files from RAR
  • Install PKG files from URL
  • Install Manifest JSON
  • View tasks
  • Manage tasks
    • Pause
    • Resume
    • Stop
    • Remove
Got any suggestions or good ideas? Don't hesitate to open an issue: Open issue.
PS4 Remote PKG Installer GUI by BenjaminFaal is Now Available.jpg



I'm using this app on 7.55 and if I try to minimize it while sending Packages to check the progress , It crash the system and shutdown the console (KP) , I need to keep it active and not go home or to notification , anyone having the same Issue here ? I tried both Mira and Goldhen and many PKG senders but no luck.


I own PS4 Pro japan imported currently on 7.55 firmware using latest goldhen 1.1 payload and already used disable update and history blocker payload at first attempt of jailbreak, so I've tried frosty's 1.06 nodejsfix and modded warfare 1.2 package sender LAN method to send pkg files via laptop but no luck I've always got HTTP 500 error

I've used latest nodejs version plus latest http-server plugin I've tried everything I've used another volume and also used pkg from volume's root directory but both of them never worked I lost all hopes if anyone know how can i use them it would be great help for me

But when i gave try to this one it really worked with decent speed i guess 40gb pkg in 10-15 minutes but after sending 2-3 big pkgs it always gets stuck so I've to close rpi app on console then delete in progress transfer the again have to start transfer from scratch plus it also doesn't support queue based transfer, but still its life saver for me thanks @benjamin94


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This app is crap, unstable and buggy (UI freezes occasionally, some pkg's cannot be uploaded due to "Unexpected end of file from server").

Still appreciate the work though, as i am too lazy to write my own app for this. Perhaps there is a simpler way though, as it mainly sends post requests to http://ps4ip:12800/api/install, will try with postman or something