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Since the latest OpenOrbis PS4 Toolchain v0.5.2 revision last month and his PRX_505 Update, PlayStation 4 Scene developer @Backporter shared via Twitter an OOSDK port of @flatz's PS4 Remote PKG Installer (RPI) on his Github repository following yesterday's PKG_PFS_Tool Windows and MacOS updates. :geek:

Download: IV0000-KPBR01111_00-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.pkg (6.31 MB) / GIT / Official PS4 Game Modding Server Discord

Here's a bit more from the ps4_remote_pkg_installer-OOSDK

This is a OOSDK port of flat's ps4_remote_pkg_installer, all credit goes to them and their amazing work!

  • Some functions are not in OOSDK yet (™️) so i worked around this by manually importing them.
  • Some freeBSD net functions where giving issue with printing debug info out, so i swapped these to the sceNet* versions as they seemed to work.
  • if you have ran the original remote package installer it will cause a port conflict and this one will fail to function, restart your unit and only run this
  • WINDOWS building only for the time being
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PS4 Remote PKG Installer (RPI) OOSDK Port Arrives via Backporter.jpg


@HardRom as of now, its basically a direct port to OOSDK so it does not do anything new, however I do intend on adding a few things to it (refer the the issue page on github, it has a to-do list that anybody can add to)
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