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PlayStation 4 developer BitwiseSolutions is currently seeking PS4 Remote Play BETA testers for their iPad and iPhone iOS client software.

To quote: Hey everyone,

We are looking for testers for our upcoming app called PlayCast, that allows you to remotely play your PlayStation 4 using an iOS device. This can work on your home network, or even over the internet, allowing you to play your games from anywhere.

To test this app you must have a PS4 linked with a PSN account and running v3.55 system software, a home WiFi network and an iPad/iPhone running iOS 8 or higher. If you meet these requirements and would like to be involved in testing PlayCast, please send an email to info AT and let us know.

It is unfortunately not possible to connect the DualShock 4 controller to iOS devices, so PlayCast can be controlled either with an on-screen virtual controller or any MFi game controller (one example pictured below).

If anyone has any questions about PlayCast, please post a reply to this thread and we’ll answer as quickly as possible.

This is what the developers told Wololo about their project, to quote:

"PlayCast is a PS4 remote play client for iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone etc. It was developed from the ground up over the course of the past half year and involved a considerable amount of reverse engineering.

It was quite challenging to get it working well on iOS due to the fact that these devices can only connect to wireless networks which can be quite unreliable. The protocol used by PS4 remote play supports a form of error correction, as well as a method of automatically adapting the stream parameters (video bitrate, data redundancy) according to the connection quality. PlayCast fully supports both of these features, in order to mitigate the difficulties posed by the use of wireless networks.

It is not possible to connect a DualShock 4 to an iOS device (unless its jailbroken, which is beyond our scope here). Therefore, PlayCast may be controlled either with the on-screen virtual controller, or any MFi (Made for iPhone) bluetooth controller.

We intend to release PlayCast on the app store as a paid download. Cannot provide further details regarding price etc at this time."

That said, there are other PlayStation 4 Remote Play options already out there with a few relevant links below:
PS4 Remote Play App by Bitwise Solutions.jpg


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