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Following the initial project that was in development, release of PSJoy, PS4REN and the related PS4 Remote Play Without PSN Access Guide over the holiday thestr4ng3r announced that he's reverse-engineered nearly the entire PS4 Remote Play protocol and plans to publish the source of his client when it's in a practically usable state for arbitrary platforms! :love:

This comes proceeding the recent PlayStation Camera Reversing documentation on Github by scene homebrew developer BigBoss with the related Tweets and a demonstration video embedded below.

Also heating up Twitter over the holiday from Markus95 (aka @Kus00095) is Ninja Shodown for PS4, PS Vita and Switch: :fire:

PS4 Remote Play Open Source Client in Development by Thestr4ng3r.jpg



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thank you for making this homebrew i hope someday someone is able to making open server like wiimmfi if the sony ps4 server is discontinued


Omg, I literally made our ps4 remote play research project which we are working on for several months now open source today. Ours is still not working but it's close.

I really have to get in contact with that guy as it's really a shame that we didn't found him earlier. Things would have been much easier. But that's life I would say. Anyway great news


this is really interesting, unfortunately my PS4 is too new to jailbreak right now, but once it is I will definitely check this tool out-remote play without PSN would be awesome.
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