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Following up on the PS4 Remote Play Port for Android 4.0+ devices and the PS4 Remote Play Official App from Sony Mobile, today PlayStation 4 hacker SKFU has made available a PS4 Remote Play via ANY Android Device Tutorial based on one by Wesley32 as detailed below.

To quote: PS4 Remote Play via ANY Android Device Tutorial

Normally I do not post about work of other people but since this comes from outside of the normal PlayStation scene I think it's worth to talk about.

1. In case you have it installed, uninstall the PlayStation App from your device

2. Download this .apk file

a. Move the file to "/System/App/"
b. Change the permission of the .apk to RW-R-R

3. Download this .dex file

a. Move the file to "/Data/Dalvik-Cache/"
b. Change its permissions to RW-R-R

4. Download these two XML files:


c. Move the files to "/System/etc/permissions/"
d. Change their permissions to RW-R-R

5. Download these two JAR files:


c. Move the files to "/System/Framework/"
d. Change their permissions to RW-R-R

6. Reboot your phone/tablet

7. Start the PlayStore, download and install the PlayStation App

8. Install the .apk file you downloaded at step 2
9. Start the PlayStation App and click the remote play button
10 Play remotely!

Credits go to everyone involved from + especially Wesley32 for the original tutorial!

Maybe someone gets it to work with BlueStacks for PC easy compatibility ? :)


Finally, from sir_earl comes a [MOD] PS4 Remote Play Native Gamepad Support:

Download: RemotePlayNativeGamepad-Beta1.apk

I'm working on native gamepad support for the ported PS4 Remote Play app (see original thread). Unfortunately I don't have access to my PS4 for the next month, so I'm hoping to get help testing from users with access to the Sixaxis Controller app, a PS4, and the ability to send me logcat output.

The attached version should allow digital buttons, L2 & R2 triggers, as well as analog stick input. I'll be working on touchpad support in the coming days.

Old Instructions:
Manual Method:

1. Download all files needed from Here.
2. Go ahead and Force Stop the PlayStation App, as well as uninstall it (This is, of course, only if you have it installed before this.)
3. Open up File Manager of your choice, Copy/Move the DualShockManager.apk you just downloaded into the '/system/app/ '(For Lollipop Create a folder named: DualShockManager in '/system/app/' and copy it their) Directory on your phone, change the Permission of that .apk to RW-R-R.
4. Move/Copy [email protected]@[email protected], [email protected]@[email protected] and [email protected]@[email protected] to the '/data/dalvik-cache/'('/data/dalvik-cache/arm/' for Lollipop) Directory. Same as above you need to change permissions to RW-R-R.
5. Move/copy and to the '/system/etc/permissions/ ' Directory. Once again, change the permissions to... RW-R-R.
6. Okay, now for the important files, .jar's, if you know java lol. File one, File Two
7. Move/Copy and to the '/system/framework/ ' Directory. After they have been successfully copied them, change the permissions to RW-R-R.
8. Now, Reboot!
9. Install the Remote Play App(From Download link).
10. Go to Play Store and download PlayStation App.
11. Done!

Update: How To Play PS4 Remote Play on Android (New No Root Method) by TheScriptKitty

This is a Port of the Official PS4 Remote Play App for Android. Its recommended to have a 5Ghz Router.

  • Android 2.2+
  • Root (Optional)
  • Download and Install RemotePlayPortV0.7.0 (If needed Uninstall the old one)
  • (Optional) Download and Install Sixaxis Controller App
  • Pair the controller via USB to your PC using the supplied program on Dancing Pixel Studios website. (You will enter the Mac Address found at the bottom of the app).
  • Done!

It seems remote play has issues connecting to the PS4 on Lollipop, in order to fix this you must forward the correct ports on your router:
  • TCP 9295
  • TCP 9293
  • UDP 9296-9297
Latest version features:
  • DualShock 4 90% Working
If you want to use this over 3G/4G/LTE you will need to use Fake Wifi Connection (Xposed Framework Required).

  • Mostly everything
Not Working:
  • DualShock 4 (Partially)
Below is a video from TheProjectALI as well, who states the following:

The Project Ali illustrates how to play PS4 via remote play function onto any Android device without rooting. Using a HTC One M8, Game Control mount and Dualshock 4 controller.

This non root method ds4 is still connected to ps4 while using on your device. Their are ways to make ds4 directly connected to android device which requires root using sixaxis app or dualshock manager. Check X-DA forums for more info on that.
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