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We've covered some PlayStation 4 RIF Research, Findings, Samples and the PS4 IDX Generator / GenIDX Tool to make IDX files allowing the PS4 to see RIF activation files for application and game PKGs, and today following his recent PS4 Exploit Host v0.4.6 RC2 + Payloads developer @Al Azif shared on Twitter a PS4 RIF Renamer Exploit / Payload (RIF-Renamer.bin) which aims to fix applications that only work with Mira+HEN to use the standalone Homebrew ENabler. :geek:

Download: RIF (30.47 KB) / (Mirror) / GIT

According to the Tweet below he confirms it can be fixed via FTP also, but reminds everyone this is still in the testing phase although it currently works on his machine.

Here's further details from DEFAULTDNB, to quote:

Mira HEN installs games as FAKE style ticket, xVortex hen installs games as FREE.

This converts FAKE to FREE so they all will work on HEN 1.8.

PS4 RIF Renamer Exploit  Payload for License Files by Al Azif.jpg



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Only way games will only work with Mira + Hen is when you install games while running Mira + Hen... It can be avoided by simply installing games on Hen only. Good stuff regardless.
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