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Ding Dong: Trick or Treat? I can't believe it's been a year since our last Halloween here, and The Great Pumpkin (aka zecoxao) has risen again with some PS4 ROP (Return-Oriented-Programming) SPRX ELF files for Firmware versions 200, 250, 300, 315, 350 and 355 to help PlayStation 4 developers. :pumpkin: :kitty: :evilsmile:

Download: rop_elfs.7z (1.03 MB) / web_sprx (webkit.7z)

This news comes just a few days since the release of Chaitin Tech's ROP Tool, the PS4 Decrypting and Dumping UserModules Guide and the PS4 DevKit Game Backup Demo video.

I don't know about you, but I'm starting to sense the mystery of PS4 Decryption is slowing making its rounds from Ɯberl33t private developers to plain 'ol l33t (and more public) PlayStation 4 homebrew devs. :beer:

Thanks to @Akaike for your post HERE on the news! :thumbup:
PS4 ROP SPRX ELF File Archive for Developers via Zecoxao Arrives.jpg



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"Ho ho ho..." :) :santa: :) I really can't find words to describe how this holy *Sh!t*, ahem... this holy Christmas is making me feel. Lets try: SUCK IT NGCHEAT! SUCK IT GEOHOT! ah... Amazing ! :ROFLMAO:
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