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Many may recall GeekPwn 2016 featuring the Chinese hackers of Chaitin Tech, and while little was available from the closed door Zer0Con their work appears to have resurfaced at the Tencent Security Conference which took place yesterday in Shenzhen, China. :kitty:

Below is a video courtesy of Noam Rathaus‏ of the related Chaitin Tech PlayStation 4 exploit footage showing the PS4 running Linux, who notes to quote: "To clarify, it's exploiting a vulnerability in WebKit, then a vulnerability in FreeBSD to gain execution privileges on a PS4."

Cheers to @raedoob on the PSXHAX Discord and both @UmarDaBest559 and @X41 in the PSXHAX Shoutbox for the news tip and follow-up details! :beer::beer::beer:
PS4 Running Linux Chaitin Tech Exploit at Tencent Security Conference.jpg
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Everybody search for webkit exploit becouse you need first this , and after inside the webkit exploit you can execute the kernel exploit.

But we have webkit exploit from FW 4.0X and maybe for the 4.5x ... the problem is we have only the first step and not the second.


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Wht!!! did he said, 4.7x too hackable, I knew, well it mean ps4 is more vulnerable than ps3 !!!

Waiting for 5.0 major firmware, let's see what happen then !!!!!


I thought chaitin tech signed a nda with Sony? Or are they just trying to make me jelly. On same topic of ps4 exploits wasn't there a zero day on fw 3.55 or 3.70 ? What happened to that?


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Sometimes, I wish I had the time and skills to make my own jailbreak so I can laugh about these hackers arrogant.
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