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Following his last update, PlayStation 4 developer ZiL0G80 tweeted today alerting other developers that SAMU which handles PS4 encryption is documented a little bit in GnbSmuInitLibV7.c of the coreboot GIT. :extremelyhappy:

Recently in the PSXHAX Shoutbox @Fimo noted as well that SAMU is called in the early boot process, and can be seen in GfxSamuInitKB.c on the coreboot GIT. :happyblush

@Fimo further speculates that if PlayStation 4 exploiters including Chaitin Tech have not hacked SAMU this may explain why despite PS4 1.76 OFW being exploited over 6 months ago there is no iSOLoader to mount a disk for 1.76 and only unsigned code can be ran on jailbroken PS4 consoles. (-8

If any rogue PlayStation 4 developers or hackers out there are able to share a bit more on SAMU encryption or reverse-engineering feel free to reply in the comments below, drop us an email or send us a DM on Twitter and thanks! :thumbup:
PS4 SAMU Encryption Hints Spotted in CoreBoot GIT by ZiL0G80.jpg


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If a PS4 dongle exists it would likely be used to run scene group backup games... it probably wouldn't be from the release groups themselves (although some are intermixed with dongle camps, so kinda hard to prove one way or the other).

I see it as a race between public hackers and dongle makers to see who can come up with a free or paid solution first.


The SAMU is not decrypted (officially). Let me remind you that developers, and correct me if i am wrong, in our forums admitted that groups have decrypted SAMU but are not releasing any code and in my opinion they have every right to do so because their lives are at stake.

Maybe they can hint the general research to the right answer. Anyways its quite exciting seeing the community working together to pentest/exploit a mainstream console such as the ps4.


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Coreboot has bin around for a very long time it is nothing new except has some new implementations added too it one which able to run payloads max #? if ppl did there research they wod know this stuff.

There systems have bin around for some time the cores are quite interesting with concept n 2extra cores as backups in case of failing cores.
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