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Following the recent PS4 Act.dat and RIF File Research, today ZiL0G80 (aka Z80 or @oneman123) let us know that PlayStation 4 developer IDC made available PS4 SELF_Info.exe v0.1.1 as notzecoxao (aka @zecoxao) documented the PS4 Authentication IDs for scene developers. :geek:

Download: self_info.exe / / GIT

From the Dev Wiki, to quote: List of Authentication IDs

User Modules

Auth ID Module(s) Notes
3800000000000003 SceVdecProxy.elf -
3800000000000004 SceVencProxy.elf -
3800000000000005 orbis_audiod.elf -
3800000000000006 coredump.elf -
3800000000000007 SceSysCore.elf -
3800000000000008 orbis_setip.elf -
3800000000000009 GnmCompositor.elf -
380000000000000f NPXS20001 Visual Shell
3800000000000010 SceShellCore.elf -
3800000000000011 NPXS20103 -
3800000000000012 NPXS21000 -
3800000000000013 NPXS21001 CompanionAppProxy
3800000000000014 NPXS21002 PARTY DAEMON
3800000000000015 NPXS21003 -
3800000000000016 NPXS21004 Video Core Server
3800000000000017 becore.elf -
3800000000000018 avbase.elf -
3800000000000019 NPXS21006 -
380000000000001c NPXS22010 CommonDialog
380000000000001d fs_cleaner.elf -
3800000000000023 sce_video_service eboot.bin -
3800000000000024 ScePlayReady.self -
3800000000000026 swagner.self -
3800000000000029 swreset.self -
3800000000000031 webapp.self -
3800000000000033 SecureUIProcess.self -
3800000000000034 UIProcess.self -
3800000000000035 WebBrowserUIProcess.self -
3800000000000036 gpudump.elf -
3800000000010001 set_upper.self -
3800000000010002 mount_fusefs.elf -
3800000000010003 decid.elf -
3800000000010004 newfs.elf -
3800000000010005 fsck_ufs.elf -
3800000000010006 NPXS21008 Dummy Music Player
3800000010000003 SecureWebProcess.self, WebProcessHTMLTile.self -
3800000010000004 WebProcess.self, WebProcessHeapLimited.self -
3800000010000006 orbis-jsc-compiler.self -
3800000010000008 MonoCompiler.elf -
380000001000000b custom_video_core.elf -
380000001000000f WebProcessWebApp.self -
3800100000000001 orbis_swu.self -
3900000000000002 all sprx, prx -
3901000000000001 all sdll, sexe -
System Modules

Auth ID Module(s) Notes
3f00000000000001 80010001 Secure Loader
3c00000000000001 80010002 Secure Kernel
3e00000000000003 80010006 acmgr
3e00000000000005 80010008 authmgr
3e00000000000006 80010009 individual data mgr
3e00000000000007 8001000B keymgr
3e00000000000008 8001000A manu_mode mgr
3e00000000000009 8001000C sm_service
Cheers to @HydrogenNGU for the heads-up on Twitter earlier today! :beer:
PS4 SELF_Info.exe by IDC and PS4 Authentication IDs by Zecoxao.png
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