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Since his previous PS4 Internal Webserver Project, xPloitServer for Android and PS5 Server for ESP8266 D1 Mini Pro today PlayStation 4 Scene developer @stooged made available a PS4 Server 7.55 Project for the ESP8266 D1 Mini Pro or other 16MB ESP8266 boards to provide a WiFi HTTP server and DNS server. :geek:

Download: / GIT

From the PS4 Server 7.55

This is a project designed for the esp8266 D1 Mini PRO or other 16mb esp8266 boards to provide a wifi http server and dns server.

The 7.55 exploit seems to have issues with serving the files from the esp device so with this project i have decided to use the cache function.

On the first load of the main page the exploit files will all be stored on the console and then the esp device can be removed.

Due to the size of the exploit files you must use a esp8266 board that has 16mb of storage.

The firmware is updatable via http and the exploit files can be managed via http.

You can access the main page from the userguide or the consoles webbrowser.

Implemented internal pages
  • admin.html - the main landing page for administration.
  • index.html - if no index.html is found the server will generate a simple index page and list the payloads automatically.
  • info.html - provides information about the esp board.
  • format.html - used to format the internal storage(SPIFFS) of the esp board.
  • upload.html - used to upload files(html) to the esp board for the webserver.
  • update.html - used to update the firmware on the esp board (fwupdate.bin).
  • fileman.html - used to view / download / delete files on the internal storage of the esp board.
  • config.html - used to configure wifi ap and ip settings.
  • reboot.html - used to reboot the esp board
Installation is simple you just use the arduino ide to flash the sketch/firmware to the esp8266 board.

16M (15M SPIFFS) for the D1 Mini PRO

PS4 Server 7.55 Project for ESP8266 D1 Mini Pro by Stooged 2.jpg

There is a storage limitation of 14.2mb for the D1 Mini PRO board.

Next you connect to the wifi access point with a pc/laptop, PS4_WEB_AP is the default SSID and password is the default password.

Then use a webbrowser and goto is the defult webserver ip.

On the side menu of the admin page select File Uploader and then click Select Files and locate the data folder inside the PS4_Server_755 folder in this repo and select all the files inside the data folder and click Upload Files you can then goto Config Editor and change the password for the wifi ap.

Alternatively you can upload the files to the esp8266 with the arduino ide by selecting Tools > ESP8266 Sketch Data Upload

PS4 Server 7.55 Project for ESP8266 D1 Mini Pro by Stooged 3.jpg

The files uploaded using this method are found in the data folder inside the PS4_Server_755 folder.

Cheers to MSZ_MGS for the heads-up on this earlier. šŸ»
PS4 Server 7.55 Project for ESP8266 D1 Mini Pro by Stooged.jpg


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