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Proceeding the PS4 PARAM.SFO Editor & PARAM SFO Tools, PKGEditor for PS4 Updates and his PS4 DB Rebuilder 6.72 / 7.02 / 7.55 Github fork, PlayStation 4 Scene developer hippie68 recently updated his repository with a PS4 SFO Reader / Editor for PARAM.SFO Files and PS4 PKGs alongside a PS4 PKG Required Firmware Script that provides information similar to the FRMCHK Database for backporting / spoofing the PS4 Firmware version and a PKGRename Script for renaming PS4 Package Files. :cool:

Download: sfo.exe / sfo_x86.exe (for 64-bit / 32-bit systems) / SFO GIT / PS4 SFO Program to Automate / Build PARAM.SFO Files (Updated) / / FW GIT / / PKGRename GIT

To quote from the SFO sfo

Prints or modifies SFO parameters of a PS4 PKG or a param.sfo file.

Providing a search string will output the value of that specific key only. Providing a replacement string will write it to the file (needs option -w).

sfo [options] file [search] [replace]
-h  Display help
-w  Enable write mode
You can print all SFO info:
sfo param.sfo
sfo your-game.pkg
You can search for a specific key (case-insensitive), for example:
sfo param.sfo PUBTOOLINFO
sfo your-game.pkg content_id
You can also overwrite existing data, for example:
sfo -w param.sfo app_type 2
To overwrite integer data, you can use decimal or hexadecimal numbers.

Known issues:
  • Overwriting PKG files directly may result in a broken PKG. Writing the original values will restore the PKG.

sfo.c can be compiled into a command line program, which is faster than the "sfo" Bash script (roughly by factor 30). It is still compatible with the "pkgrename" and "fw" scripts, making their output faster. To compile, just enter
make sfo
The command line options have changed a little:
-d  Display integer values as decimal numerals
-h  Display this help info
-v  Increase verbosity
-w  Enable write access
Windows binaries are available in the Release section.

From the FW fw

Simple Bash script that shows PS4 PKGs' *** version and required firmware. Requires Bash script "sfo" in $PATH.

fw [options] [file|directory ...]
-h  Display help
-r  Traverse directories recursively
Example output:
$ fw
***:    FW:     File name:
7.00    7.00    The Last of Us Part II [Game] [CUSA10249].pkg
5.05    7.00    The Last of Us Part II [Update v1.07] [CUSA10249].pkg
  • ***: You can, theoretically, run the game if your real firmware version is equal or higher.
  • FW: You can run the game if your real firmware version is equal or higher OR if you spoof your firmware version.
Both conditions, for *** and FW, must be met. In the depicted, theoretical example, the update PKG is obviously backported. If your real firmware is lower than 7.00 you can run the game after you installed the patch and spoofed your firmware version to 7.00+.

DLC has no firmware requirements.

And from the PKGRename pkgrename

Renames PS4 PKG files based on local param.sfo information and predefined patterns. Requires Bash script "sfo" in your $PATH environment variable.

pkgrename [options] [file/directory ...]
-f  Force prompt when file name matches pattern
-h  Display this help info
-o  Default to online search
-r  Traverse directories recursively
The script in action looks like this:
$ pkgrename
Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II_ Enhanced Editions [UPDATE 1.02] [CUSA15671].pkg
Rename? [Y]es [N]o [A]ll [E]dit [M]ix [O]nline [R]eset [C]hars [S]FO [Q]uit: y
  • [Y]es Renames the file as seen
  • [N]o Skips the file and drops all changes
  • [A]ll Same as yes, but also for all future files
  • [E]dit Prompts to manually edit the title
  • [M]ix Converts the title to mixed case format
  • [O]nline Searches the PS Store online for the current file's title information
  • [R]eset Reverts all title changes
  • [C]hars Shows special characters, if still present
  • [S]FO Shows file's param.sfo information
  • [Q]uit Exits the script immediately
You can easily customize the naming scheme in the customization section at the top of the script:
pattern='$title [$category] [$title_id] [$releasegroup] [$backport].pkg'
Possible variables: title, category, backport, ***, firmware, releasegroup

Plus original SFO strings: app_ver, content_id, title_id, version

You can fully customize every aspect of the file name. Further information is found inside the script's customization section.

For exFAT compatibility, by default certain characters are replaced with underscores (which is also customizable).

Cheers to MSZ_MGS via Twitter for the heads-up on the news earlier this month! šŸ»
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Well i finally got to try this but editing the pkg sfo just breaks the pkg as i expected which is the same as just editing it manually via hex
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