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Shooter fans can rejoice as Drawn To Death for PS4 will be hitting PlayStation Plus for free to members as part of April's PS Plus game updates! :D

According to Video Game Designer / Director David Jaffe, Drawn To Death will debut this April 4th offering six playable fighters, over-the-top weapons and more.

Here are highlights of the upcoming PlayStation 4 game's key features, as follows:
  • Unconventional Combat - Combining each character’s unique arsenal of weapons with deep gameplay mechanics, Drawn to Death blurs the lines of a nuanced fighting game with the action of a competitive shooter.
  • Show Your Skill - Players can level up characters by completing specific challenges.
  • Solo and Team Play - Players will be able to face off in free-for-all and team based modes. Play with friends, or against the world.
  • Extraordinary Visuals - The frenetic, pencil-sketch visuals add to the game’s in-your-face combat.
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I'd recommend starting one in the PS4 help section by clicking HERE to start a new thread, or did you want me to create it (you should have permission to), if so I'll do it ;)


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Hmm i wonder @PSXHAX do you even play playstation 4? Because it seems like you don't you just run a website around it.
My PS4 is sitting in the closet collecting dust, but I might get back into it when backup games work although my hardcore gaming days are long gone.
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