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We've seen a PS4 Skeleton Base Package not long ago, and proceeding the Consolepedia 3D PS4 PKG homebrew Unity port alongside today's OpenOrbis PS4 Toolchain v0.5.2 update comes a PS4 Skeleton Unity Base from xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx via Twitter to create PlayStation 4 homebrew that developers in the PS4Scene can make use of in their projects. :love:

Download: / GIT

This comes following @TheDarkprograme's previous PS4 Tools Homebrew & PS4 Unjail updates, with a PSTools Patreon Page set up to support his continued work <3 and from the PS4 Skeleton

PS4 Unity Skeleton

Use this as a base if you want to create some homebrew.

This already has unjail and universal preinstalled for you.

Fork it and load it via unity.

Remember to build it as follow (pictured below):
PS4 Skeleton PSTools PlayStation 4 Unity Base to Create Homebrew.png


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