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The Internet is abuzz today over a batch of sexy PS4 Slim CUH-2016A pictures (see below) that surfaced online alongside DualShock 4 CUH-ZCT2U controller images, while news of the rumored PlayStation 4 Slim leak is still unconfirmed by Sony. :LOL:

Previously we reported that according to a Sony analyst the PS4 Slim official unveiling is expected during Tokyo Game Show 2016 this September, and also confirms this stating, to quote:

"ThisGenGaming has received exclusive information from the person behind the auction telling us the product is to officially be out on September 14th after an announcement on the 7th.

Sony officially confirmed their PlayStation meeting for the 7th of September in New York so it’s very likely we’ll be getting more than one hardware reveal shortly from Sony."

Thanks to Kenzodielocke, AAMARMO, shortmaneighty2, Kotaku, PushSquare and @PLAYER 1 for sharing the news with us here at PSXHAX.COM! :ninja:

:arrow: Here's a mirror of the PS4 slim unboxing six-minute video courtesy of via and enjoy all! :cool:

PS4 Slim.jpg

PS4 Slim 2.jpg PS4 Slim 3.jpg PS4 Slim 4.jpg PS4 Slim 5.jpg PS4 Slim Box.jpg PS4 Slim Box 2.jpg PS4 Slim Box 3.jpg PS4 Slim Box 4.jpg PS4 Slim Compare.jpg PS4 Slim Compare 2.jpg PS4 Slim Compare 3.jpg PS4 Slim Compare 4.jpg PS4 Slim Compare 5.jpg PS4 Slim Compare 6.jpg


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