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Following some PS4 Game-Modding Offsets, my PS4 Toolbox updates, PS4 TUCE and the PS4 Trainer Tool Payload recently @Weysincha saw one of @Shiningami's old projects of a dynamic trainer for PS4. It was still in a really early state of development and not quite functional yet.

@Weysincha asked me to create a new project like that and here we are now. We put together a community trainer to which people can submit cheats for any game and they are tested in a small team. If there are no issues with the cheats, they are added to the trainer, giving credit to the original cheat creator.

PS4 Source Community Trainer by DeathRGH.png

PS4 Source Community Trainer by DeathRGH 2.png

Whats so special about that community trainer ?

All of the cheat information is stored on a server and can be updated in real time.
That means we can add cheats for a game and every user can instantly see that game and start cheating on it, without downloading any updates!

Getting Started

1. Change the ip address in the settings tab to your ps4 ip address.

PS4 Source Community Trainer by DeathRGH 3.png

2. Load up a .bin loader on your ps4 console and inject the payload in the sidebar menu.

PS4 Source Community Trainer by DeathRGH 4.png

3. Load hen (homebrew enabler) if you plan to use this with fake packages.

4. Click on the trainer tab in the sidebar and the trainer information will be downloaded.
PS4 Source Community Trainer by DeathRGH 5.png

This step can take a bit longer if you do this for the first time. The images are saved locally and the next time you load the trainer list, it will be a lot faster.

5. Select the game you want to cheat on and have some fun!

Make sure to join our Discord server so you don't miss any updates!

You will also get support in the discord server if you need any help with the trainer.

Spoiler: Depreciated

Special thanks to @Shiningami for the original idea and @Weysincha for inspiring me to create the trainer! Also huge thanks to @talixme for submitting a lot of cheats!

Modding PS4 Games on 5.05 (Community Trainer Tutorial)
Cheat Engine PS4 | Tutorial | Filter Enemy / Player Health using Code Caves


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@DeathRGH This is an awesome project. I have a suggestion. Wouldnt it be better if a game has Cheats for multiple Update Version e.g v1.00 and v1.04 to have a Drop Down button to select the Update Version ? So it would be much Cleaner in the end and we wouldnt have so many Dublicates in the Menu. Maybe doing the same for diffrent CUSA Versions.

Also sending you cheats i made for some games :)
Awesome work!
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