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Following the previous PS4 Homebrew Store & HBStore CDN updates, today PS4 Scene developers @LightningMods (Twitter) with help from Masterzorag (Twitter) released the PS4 Store PKG 2.0 Update with the Store Update 2.0 changelog and additional details below. 😃

Download: Store-R2.pkg (6.3 MB) / homebrew.elf (882 KB) / NPXS39041.pkg (HB Store Holiday Edition PKG with Special Theme) / homebrew.elf (1.15 MB) / GIT

This isn't the release referenced in the 'Something Coming' Rumors earlier this week, as @zecoxao has since clarified "it's an exploit" proceeded by "full chain" in response to the initial Tweets... but reminiscent of Mathieulh's🦜 days although he stated the "eggsploit coming on caturday" he's admittedly uncertain "which caturday" it will arrive. Time will tell... :unsure:

As outlined in the Tweets below, those interested can join the PKG-Zone Discord Channel to contribute to their growing PS4 cover collection and donate via PayPal towards further PlayStation development efforts. <3

From the PS4-Store

Lead Developer (besides the obv)

Licensed Under GPLv3


How to Update your CDN

Replace your homebrew.elf, homebrew.elf.sig and remote.md5 with the Latest from the Release Section of this Github to a folder named "update" on your servers root


the ini file is either loaded by the app dir or from USB0 when the app is booted
Secure_Boot=1 //ONLY allows RSA signed updates from this GH OPTIONAL
StoreOnUSB=0 //store pkgs on usb OPTIONAL
BETA_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx //for Beta Builds (define)
Adavnced_Enabled=1 // need it for advanced settings optional
CDN_For_Devkit_Modules=CDN_FOR_ONLY_DEVKIT_MODULES //optional
Legacy=0 //enables old Store APIs
App details

upon booting up the app will cache all json files from the CDN in the settings.ini restart is required for changes made to json files (for now)
  • all images from jsons download to /user/app/STORE_ID/storedata/
  • all jsons are downloaded to /user/app/STORE_ID/
  • Store log is at /user/app/NPXS39041/logs/log.txt
IF the settings file is loaded from USB all settings will be saved to the same USB

ONLY 4 apps can download at once

Official Discord server

Invite: PKG-Zone Discord

:arrow: Store Update 2.0 Changelog

Version: 2.0-V-2021-11-06T02:01:08

Change Log:

  • Moved Store to a new Web API instead of static jsons
  • Select App files and UI were rewritten
  • Changed page size from 8 hb a page to 15
  • Many fixed mem leaks and bugs in general
  • Added a per-app global download counter
  • Added Filter by and its sub options Author and FW Version
  • Changed "Games" to "Store Apps"
  • Changed "Groups" to "Store Groups"
  • L1 now saves a screenshot of the app to USB0
  • Added Itemzflow (game launcher) and all its sub options (launch game etc etc)
  • Triangle in itemzflow now refreshs the installed apps list
  • Added Settings option(s) "Clear cached images", "CF bg shader", "CF reflections"
  • Added a Signal hanlder and redirected all signals
  • Added a Game Dumper
  • Added CPU temp, USB and Internal Storage usage
  • Added Bar for % of used app fmem
  • Added a New Logging lib (log_error(...) etc)
  • Replaced almost alll sprintfs with snprintfs
  • Added Easter Egg
  • Added BETA_KEY and Legacy Ini settings
:arrow: Store Update 2.1 Changelog

Version: 2.1-V-2021-12-26T00:15:33 (including hotfix)

Change Log:

  • Ability to set default PS4 Home menu in Store Settings
  • Itemzflow Daemon
  • Added Support for Ext HDDs
  • App Meta and Encrypted Trophy Dumper fix by znullptr
  • Other fixes
  • Fixed an SFO bug
  • Switched to Orbisdev's user_mem_sys lib
  • Added IPC code for the daemon
  • New Dumper paths, the rest is still the same
|--> meta (pkg metadata)
|--> binaries (decrypted app bins)
|--> Trophy (has all the trophies)
  • Added Stack protection

Spoiler: Additional Tweets & Videos
PS4 Store PKG 2.0 Update Arrives via LightningMods & Masterzorag.jpg


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