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Due to power issues my Ps4 was shut down twice while starting. When it successfully started, there was this message displayed on the screen that serious error has occurred in the system, PS4 will restart.

It started in safe mode and as I read in the forum, selecting "Restore default settings" will fix it without deleting any games or saved games data.

Now, Ps4 is working but my previous user is not there. It asked me to create a new user and that new user doesn't have any games listed. I can see that hard disk is full so no data is deleted. Its just I am not able to access it..!!

There is no backup of database as well. Is there any way by which I can export game saves data from PS4?

I am able to rebuild database using python script but there no game save data...!!! It is deleted somehow? If yes then any recovery software can help ?


i am able to use save mounter but it is not finding my game saves. As i mentioned, ps4 forced me to restore default settings. And after that when ps4 restarted, it prompted me to create new user instead of logging in to my existing user account.

Now, this save mounter is looking for game saves for current user(which i was forced to create after ps4 restart) and not from my ps4 harddisk irrespective of user accounts.

if there is any utility/homebrew which can extract game saves irrespective of current user account, that could be of help.

Is there any way to export game saves from an user account which doesnot exist on 5.05 JB ps4 ? Save mounter exports just for logged in user and not for all the users. Doing Restore default settings deleted the user account which had all the saves.

Is there any way to get those saves back? Is data recovery an option as I haven't used ps4 since then, just researching to find any solution?

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