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Following their previous revision and the 9.00 PS4 Beta, in PS4Scene news today alongside PS5 System Software / Firmware v4.00 comes PS4 System Software / Firmware 9.00 officially out of Beta Testing and now live on Sony's servers! 🏆

:alert: As always, DON'T UPDATE if you wish to use PS4 Game Backups via PS4 Torrents and Homebrew Apps whenever a new PS4 Jailbreak Exploit arrives... we'll add any related Tweets as PlayStation 4 Scene developers have a chance to examine it.

Download: PS4 Firmware 9.00 Update (US) / PS4 Firmware 9.00 Update (EU) / PS4 Firmware 9.00 Update (UK) / PS4 Firmware 9.00 Update (AU/NZ) / PS4 Firmware 9.00 Update (JP) / 9.00_kernel.bin (20.08 MB) / Kernel and (344.32 MB - PS4 userland modules and kernel from 8.00 to 9.00) via _vapour

Below is the official 9.00 PS4 Firmware Changelog from Sony's page: PlayStation 4 system software update - PS4 9.00 system software features

About PlayStation 4 system software version 9.00

Main features in version 9.00 update
  • You can now view trophies for PS5 games on PS4.
    • In (Trophies), you can now view PS5 trophies in your trophy list.
    • You can also view PS5 trophies in the trophy list on the profile screen under the [Games] tab.
  • In (Messages) , we've updated the following:
    • If you're the owner of a group, you can now delete it. To delete a group, open the options menu, and then select [Delete Group]. If you delete a group, it will be deleted for all members.
  • Now when you block someone, you can choose to also leave the group that only you and they are in at the same time. You won't leave groups that include other players.
Other updated features
  • On an Android or iOS/iPadOS device, you can now use the PS Remote Play app to access your PS4 via mobile data.
  • We've made the following improvements to parental controls:
    • Now when a child requests to use communication features for a game, their parent or guardian will receive a notification on the PS4 and PlayStation App.
    • The child will also receive a notification when their parent or guardian accepts, denies, or stops allowing the child to use communication features for a game.
  • You can now select whether you'd like to receive notifications on your PS4 or through email about new products and special offers. To do so, go to [Settings] > [Account Management] > [Account Information] > [Communication Preferences]
Finally, here are some PlayStation 4 Scene guides on How to Block PS4 Firmware Updates, How to Delete Downloaded PS4 Update PUPs that haven't been installed yet, How to Update to a Specific PS4 Firmware and PS4HEN Update Blocker Payloads for those interested.
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