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Following my PS4 VSH_4K_Mode details, this demonstration video has been recorded on a PS4 Testkit DUH-T1000AA for curious people that want to see what a PlayStation 4 Testing Kit looks like with the 6.20 firmware.

This is what a real Sony PlayStation 4 TestKit (used to develop and test video games) looks like on firmware 6.20. This console is used by games studios for those new to the PS4 scene.

⚠This video has been recorded on a real Testing Kit (Debug System) hardware and may be different from a Retail unit ⚠

I do more videos about this kit, follow me on Twitter.

[6.20] Debug Setting on a PS4 Testkit on firmware 6.20
Launch FPKG games on any firmware (1.50 to 6.20) on a PS4 Testing Kit
PS4 Exhibition Mode on a PS4 Testing Kit
PS4 How to update a PS4 Testkit/Devkit with Neighborhood for PS4 Testkit Tuts #1
PS4 Testing Kit on 6.20 Firmware Debug Settings Overview by MrNiato.jpg



Senior Member
If theres a way to install testkit fw on regular ps..... ;)

Way back, i think there was a way, for 1.76 fw to turn retail console into devkit, but i dont remember details....


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That would be good but everyone that has consoles over 1.76 would have to look for those lower ones, unless we could Downgrade the ps4 fw to 1.76 to install a test kit?


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I was thinking, if theres a way back then, maybe there will be a way someday soon, that we can install fw for testkit on our retail, so there will be no need for separate exploits based on firmware...

I doubt that we'll ever be downgrade, but theres really no need, this video demonstrates running fpkg on regular devkit 6.20 firmware, not jailbroken, if i got this right.....

Ah, daydreaming.... ;)


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Is it possible to dump current games on this test kit devices?
Or were already 100% of 5.05 compatible games available?
I'm asking because HZD was also compatible with 4.55 even if it officially needed 5.05

Chaos Kid

Senior Member
Debug worked on 505 I believe I seen it there for it. The app bug is much more crunching tho. Boot and still in loop. So could be tricky for people expecting 6.xx hack

We require keys on retail units I'm not sure about devkit but ps3 devkit didn't require keys but I believe test kits do require keys so no backup without exploit

Sure test kit may be able to play from hdd but try new fw game low system fw watch what happens. Same as us I'm pretty sure.


Well considering all the pieces of this puzzle now, all we need him to do is a dump file of the system settings which launch and run debug mode, and then I think we can craft an exploit from there. If I'm wrong, correct me..
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