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Sony's latest PS4 promotional TV spot titled The Best Place to Play can be seen below, and spotlights some current and upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive games including The Last of Us: Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding and more in the new sizzle reel. 🔥

From the video's description:

The PlayStation 4 system. Now starting at $299.99 MSRP
PS4: The Best Place to Play
Of course many are waiting for the PS5 release later this year, which has also been confirmed to support PS4 exclusives and perhaps even more if the remastering engine rumors pan out. 🔙
PS4 The Best Place to Play Showcases Exclusives in Latest TV Spot.jpg



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The best place to play - is on PC, when exclusives ported for support 144Hz+... But RDR2 & Detroit Become Human ports quality, that we don't deserve :(
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