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Today we received word from both MODRuLeZ and Mangekyou222 of PlayStation 4 developer @MODDEDWARFARE's latest work... a PS4 Theme Creator released on Twitter complete with a Custom PS4 Themes Tutorial video from his YouTube Channel! :love:

Download: PS4 Theme (11.8 MB) / PS4 Theme Creator (11.5 MB) via MODDEDWARFARE with PS4 Themes & System Icons / Fake_PKG_Tools_v1.2.rar (588.62 MB) / Fake_PKG_Tools_v1.3.rar (583.27 MB) via cfwprophet / PS4 Theme Creator (28.7 MB)

Custom PS4 Themes Tutorial (4.55/4.05 Jailbreak)

How to make your own custom themes on a Jailbroken PS4 using PS4 theme creator.

PS4 Custom Dynamic Theme Proof-Of-Concept via SanadskYoutube
Download: We are ghosts Theme PS4.pkg (7.8 MB)
PS4 Theme Creator to Build Custom Themes by MODDED WARFARE!.jpg



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I made an updated version to fix an issue where the theme will show as corrupt due to spaces in the label of the theme.xml. The new version will replace them with dashes. Or you could just keep using the old one but use dashes or underscores in the theme title instead of spaces.

PS4 Theme Creator (11.5 MB)
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