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Today PlayStation 4 developer @Reazer (aka ReazerDev) let us know on Twitter that he made available a PS4 Tool.apk with source code coming for Android owners to inject PlayStation 4 payloads alongside some updates below! ;)

Download: PS4ToolV2.apk (Latest Version) (8.3 MB) / GIT / PS4 Tool v2 GIT

Spoiler: Depreciated

To quote from his Tweets embedded below on the PS4 Tool APK Android application: PS4 Payload Injector for Android Devices!

Simply Download any Payload and put it in the PS4 Tool Folder on your Android Device. (Open the App once to get the Folder), and select it in the Dropdown. Enter your IP and click Inject!

And from the PS4 Tool v2

Download and Install the App from here: PS4ToolV2.apk

How To Use

Payload Sender

  • Go into Settings and type in your PS4's IP Address
  • Open an Exploit page on your PS4
  • Send the selected Payload
Fan Control
  • Go into Settings and type in your PS4's IP Address
  • Open an Exploit page on your PS4
  • Choose the temperature when your Fan should start spinning, by moving the slider
  • Click on Send
PS4 Tool.apk PlayStation 4 Payload Injector for Android by Reazer.jpg


Nice.. But i think we should not have many apps that does the same thing it will get confusing for some of us.. Updates are better
When he releases the source code it may be handy for those who wish to redesign or 'skin' it to their own liking / taste etc. :geek:
ok if I'm not mistaken did Sony not only allow just Sony phones to connect with there brand console? don't think it would make a difference over network but never know.
just installed on my htc one m8 and opened up fine. I did download 2 apk ps4 tools PS4 Tool.apk and version (v1.01). the first apk did not work but (v1.01) worked fine

Samsung phone have built in security call knox and it causes a lot of problems. when I had a samsung smart phone I always root them so i can remove Knox Security and all that extra crap that they put on from the factory. My HTC is root
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