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Last month we caught a glimpse at his AppendumPS4 v2.00, and this weekend PlayStation 4 developer @DeathRGH is back via Twitter showcasing a PS4 Tool Box V2 Preview with Updated Terraria Tool on his YouTube Channel. šŸ¤©

Here's what he had to say from the video's description, to quote:

I decided to update the terraria tool from the old PS4 Toolbox. It automatically downloads item images as well as names off of the terraria wiki. Images that have been requested once are cached and will be loaded quicker the next time!

If you have any suggestions or wishes for other tools let me know in the comments or in the Discord Server!

PS4 Tool Box V2 [PREVIEW] | Updated Terraria Tool
PS4 5.05 | Sync Gamepad Light with Cheat Engine
PS4 Tool Box V2 Preview with Updated Terraria Tool by DeathRGH.jpg



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From those who have released their typical stupid comments, and even the one he liked, just taking a small look at his other comments on the forum, which are obviously very few, can be deduced without any choice to error that among the 3 do not make a neuron.

I imagine them getting up in the morning and running to the PC to click impulsively to the F5 on forums to find some new exploit... and when they don't find it they curse and tear their hair out of the rear. One of them even said that 5.05 is not a jailbreak, what is a crappy exploit that freezes your console 1 in 5 times :LOL:

Anyway. Pathetic cries that you have to read in each new publication. I say this without any intention of offending, but I have never seen others making fun of and even insulting the contributions made to the community.

Greetings :)


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I suspect when OpenOrbis is fully released and an influx of Tetris and Flappy Bird reboots arrive the same people will be 'bored' because they still can't play new PS4 commercial games on their PlayStation 4 without paying for them.

Ironically once a new exploit is out and they can not long after they'll be 'bored' of those too... maybe it's the short attention span of millennials and post-millennials who are constantly demanding immediate gratification while their iPhones are charging. :rolleyes:

As they say you can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself... do what makes you happy and don't worry about others. ;)


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:unsure: i don't need new exploit i have 2 ps4 one 5.05 other latest and am waiting for only PS5 console.

i just comment what i feel and i don't need that tool well that's all and @PSXHAX I like the advice (y)
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