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Following his PS4_Tools preview and the recent TrophyTimestampFixer release, today PlayStation 4 Scene developer @TheDarkprograme made available via Twitter a PS4 Trophy Unlocker homebrew application for Windows with a brief usage guide below. 🏆

Download: (includes TrophyUnlocker.exe) / GIT

From the xDPx Trophy Unlocker Github page linked above, to quote: Trophy Unlocker V1

Trophy Unlocker V1 is now released.
  • Run TrophyUnlocker.exe
  • Add the Param.sfo of the current game you want to run.
  • Add the Nptitle and NpBlind files add the trophy.trp file
  • All can be dumped with the app dump payload.
  • Click Build Unlocker
  • Now install the created PKG on the PS4 (:alert: If the game is installed it will overwrite it so be careful :alert:)
  • Run it.
Image supplied by GraFfiX_221211
  • Click the arrows up and down to select the trophy you want unlocked
  • [ ] to view the trophy list.
  • X to unlock.
  • And Triangle for a screenshot
:arrow: Trophy Unlocker V1.1

Here is a bit of an update on the Trophy Unlocker it now uses FTP so no need to dump you're games.

Please report any bugs in the issues tab. hotfix to fix sfo issues fix (Should fix Param.sfo App_VER Category and PUBTOOLINFO)

:arrow: Trophy Unlocker V1.2

So this update has a few new items.
  • This will no longer delete you're current game. (Thanks to AngelDavil88_v2 for this info)
  • Auto Patch (App_VER and other SFO goodies)
  • 3 Methods via Settings (FTP/PKG/Manual)
  • Renames pkg files automatically.
Next release.
  • Add PKG Sender.
  • Add info to the homebrew side.
:arrow: Trophy Unlocker V1.3
  • It now has an unlock all feature.
  • Displays trophy title and details
It might take a few seconds after pressing options.

Have fun

Spoiler: PS4 Trophy Unlocker Guide / Tutorial & Additional Tweets

Cheers to @DEFAULTDNB for the heads-up via Twitter on this PS4 Scene news earlier today! 🍻
PS4 Trophy Unlocker PS4_Tools Homebrew App by xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx.jpg



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So I used ABZU is a sea diving exploration game. It’s installed on ps4 but have all my dumps on pc. I used the dumped game and pkg viewer to extract files. Created a fake pkg in the apps folder and not game folder. Seem to work flawless but yet to install the trophy unlocker.

reminds me of the ps3 days lol. If you don’t have a back up just ftp to ps4 (does fileXplorer support copy and paste yet?) the copy and make one a .bak file just in case.

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