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Proceeding his PS4 Flash Dump SFlash0Unpack utility last month and several PS4 Xplorer app updates, PlayStation 4 developer @zecoxao shared via Twitter some PS4 Unjail and FTP Plugin Unity Native Code which is both based off the previous release by @RetroGamer74 with help from @cfwprophet and forked from RetroGamer_74's Github repository for PS4 scene devs. (y)

Download: / GIT

To quote from the PS4 Unjail Plugin Unity Native Code

This is the source code for the Unjail method converted into a Unity Plugin to be used in Unity PS4 for homebrew development.

Open the SLN file into Visual Studio 2015. Be sure you've got the corresponding *** to build this.

When you compile it you will get in the upper folder of the project a new folder named Plugins. That folder has to be copied into Assets folder of Unity Project.

That's all.


This Unity Plugin was developed by retrogamer_74 and the source code for unjail is part of the libHB developed by cfwprophet


Ftp support has been added to this plugin. maybe more will come, we'll see :)

:idea: Below is further insight on the plugin from RetroGamer74, to quote:

"The meaning of UNJAIL, is to be free of JAIL. When an app runs in PS4, I mean an app from the HomeScreen, the app uses user permissions. It hasn't got ROOT permissions. In that case you can not get benefits of kernel exploit to become root.

So the goal of this plugin is provide a FUNCTION CALL to the C# code of any Unity development to rise the privileges of the app and get OUT OF THE JAIL. When that happens, you can get access to USB0 for example, and many other features.

Because of that the name of Unjail."
:arrow: Update: xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx also recently made available a PS4 Universal PRX port for use by scene developers in Unity PS4 Homebrew.

Download: / PS4 Universal PRX

And from the PS4 Universal Prx

This is a prx to be used in unity home brew by devs who prefer c#

This project is a higly modified version of the original version by RetroGamer74

This version does way more than just escaping sandbox

Follow Development on Trello

List of functions:
int FreeUnjail(int FWVersion);//e.g 505
void SetDebuggerTrue();//this prints a whole lot of notifications on the console
int FreeFTP();//starts an ftp server
int FreeMountUsb();
int FreeMount();
int GetPid();
int GetUid();
bool LoadExec(string path, string argv);//Luanch another application from our application
string GetCallableList();//debug function
string GetListOfServices()//debug funciton
string GetIDPS();//Gets IDPS of the console using machdep
string GetPSID();//Gets the PSID of the console
string GetKernelVersion();//gets the kernel version
string KernelGetOpenPsId();//gets the PSID there are to calls for some reason
int MountSaveData(string TITLEID,string fingerprint);//mounts a selected
int UnMountSaveData();//required to unmount savedata if you dont unmount it will cause an app crash
int SendMessageToPS4(string Message);//Send a notification to the ps4
string GetUsername();//username of the current user
string GetUserId();//gets the userid of the current urser
int UnlockTrophies(string NPComID);//unlock a trophy with its np comid
int Change_Controller_Color(int r,int g,int b);//change controlor color to whatever you want
int TakeScreenShot();//saves it to /data/screenshot.png not quite sure why you would need this
PS4 Unjail and FTP Plugin Unity Native Code via Zecoxao Arrives.jpg


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