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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Jan 3, 2020 at 12:34 AM       28      
We've seen a PS4 IDX Generator v0.1 / GenIDX Tool Guide, Webkit Patches, Automated PKG Build Script, OrbisLibGen, MiraHEN PS4 Port and Python Script Updates from PlayStation 4 scene developer @CrazyVoid and today he announced on Twitter that with the OpenOrbis Team he's working on a native PS4 Userland DevKit that will drop alongside a community based site this year with no ETA WEN yet. 😃

Github Repos: CrazyVoid / CrazyVoidProgrammer / OpenOrbis Discord Channel

Here's some additional details from the Tweets below, to quote:

"Might take a crack at getting DECID on retails running.

Yes, every aspect of homebrew creation from the elf to the finished pkg will be from open source tools based inside the OpenOrbis ***/Toolchain.

Our toolchain/*** is not released yet, its still in development at the moment, initial release will support windows out of the box and then shortly after we will support linux and macos."

It will definitely be welcomed news for PlayStation 4 homebrew fans! 😍

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PS4 Userland DevKit in Development by CrazyVoid with 2020 Release.jpg



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This is the TRUE beginning of native PKG, like emulators backup managers etc in your (Jail) console :p

Very good start for 2020. Many thanks Devs.

Waiting for other part of this JailNews :D