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As you know, about 8 months ago I released a desktop application, PS4 Trainer by TylerMods (Guide) to easily cheat in games on a kexploited PS4. Over time, the trainer grew in games, cheats and users.

Since this period of time the trainer's file size also began to grow to a ridiculous amount due to the pictures. We have been working on a new project called the Web Trainer.

The Web Trainer

We were finally able to finish this project and release it, but it's not done yet. This trainer is much smaller in size, much bigger in cheats. You are able to use this trainer on your Windows, MAC, mobile devices, and more just by visiting the trainer website. The speeds are greater along with overall user experience.

It is so exciting to share this with all of you. The future of this trainer is greater than even we can see due to everything being dynamic. Unlike my previous trainer, everything was hard-coded and a simple cheat fix would require a full download of the application.

With this trainer I am able to fix a cheat without you even realizing (although I do keep our Twitter updated) it. I plan to add more features while also not trying to over-do it and over-load it. There is plenty of work left to be done.

In order for this trainer to work, please... don't forget the payload, "WebRTE". You can enable this payload/exploit through Al Azif's DNS server or inject it manually.

How to use this trainer (Step by step)

1) Enable HEN and/or Mira if necessary.
2) Enable/Inject the WebRTE payload/exploit.
3) Visit and enter your PS4 IP.
4) Launch your game on the PS4.
5) Click your game (with the matching CUSA/version) in the trainer.
6) If the trainer message says "Trainer Attached." you can start cheating.

PS4 Web Trainer Tutorial (5.05 Jailbreak)
PS4 Web Trainer for PlayStation 4 Game Cheats by TylerMods.jpg



I am trying to get Withcher 3 1.50 update infinite money exploit to work.

All other cheats work like infinite stamina but infinite money does not work for me. I get a notification that it has activated but does not work. am I doing something wrong?
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