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Since the recent PS4 Syscon Tools release comes PS4 Wee Tools for NOR and Syscon manipulations by AndyManDev on Twitter for those in the PlayStation 4 Scene working with PS4 NOR and Syscon dumps. :geek:

Download: PS4 Wee Tools (Latest Version) / GIT / Wiki / PS4 EAP EMC Torus GIT / PS4 IC FW GIT (PS4 Southbridge/Torus firmware collection) / UART Pinout for PS4 Motherboard Models

Here's further details from the PS4 Wee Tools

PS4 wee tools help to work with PS4 nor and syscon dumps.

It is free open source alternative for @BwE's PS4-NOR-Validator & Syscon-Patcher written in Python to keep it simple.

Currently it provides base functional and can not fully replace those tools.

Was tested with Python 3.8



  • Multy files compare
NOR tool
  • PS4 Nor dump info
  • Toggle UART
  • Toggle Memory test, RNG/Keystorage test
  • System flags cleaning
  • Memory clock editing (GDDR5)
  • SAMU boot flag edit
  • Downgrade by slot switch
  • Entropy stats
Syscon tool
  • Syscon check
  • Patchable check
  • Show active SNVS slot
  • Manual SNVS patch
  • Auto SNVS patch (upcoming)
⚠️ Don't use if you don't understand what is it for


This wouldn't be possible without work of these folks:
  • fail0verflow
  • BwE
  • Darknesmonk
  • pearlxcore
And of course PSDevWiki



  • NOR: Southbridge patcher
  • NOR: Torus (WiFi+BT) patcher
  • NOR: Partition analyze and recovery
  • NOR: Quick/Expert mode for partition recovery
  • NOR: active slot flag toggle
  • NOR: quick legitimate patch (drag&drop 2 dumps on run.bat)
  • SCFlasher: Safe syscon erase
  • SC: "full" clean
  • SC: autopatch now works with any* syscon
  • SC: Method B bugfix
  • SC: manual patch now works with flatdata
  • SC: shows line counter
  • Util lib update
  • Utils bugfix
  • Code optimization
  • Syscon Flasher
  • Legitimate CoreOS Patch
  • Terminal: title shows rx/tx bytes, show hidden bytes (switch), log to file
  • Syscon tool: Added FW md5 check, patchable status bugfix
  • Batch rename (extract dump info to filename)
  • Code optimization
  • Some bugfixes
  • +board_id info
  • +mb version (just assumption)
  • with minor changes
  • + emc cmd support for UART terminal (adds csum to commands)
  • UART terminal with syntax highlighting
  • Integrated syscon reader (Arduino Nano V3)
  • Preps for integrated R/W support (SPIway & SysconTools)
  • SNVS rebuilding (Syscon)
  • Manual syscon patch allows to remove entire block
  • Tips for syscon patching
  • Extra syscon patch (stuck on FW update)
  • NVStorage class improvements
  • EAP key recovery
  • Some optimization
  • Added 6 patterns to slot switcher
  • EMC CFW patcher for Aeolia
  • UI bugs fixed
  • 2BLS pack / unpack
  • File selection screen upgrade
  • Preparations for EMC cfw (Aeolia)
  • FW2 version assumption
  • Validation screen update
  • Base validation (header, mbrs, emc, eap, wifi)
  • Southbridge and torus Info
  • Code refactoring
  • Minor bugs fix
  • Extract NOR's partitions
  • Build dump from extracted files
  • Get HDD EAP keys [keys.bin]
  • File selection screen fix
  • Now with color highlighting
  • Dialog improvements
  • New screen "Flags toggle"
  • boot mode, safe boot, update mode, arcade mode, kiosk mode (idu)
  • registry recovery, manu, button swap, memory budget, slow hdd mode
  • Syscon auto SNVS patch (4 modes)
  • New FW detection (experimental)
  • Region info
  • Minor improvements
  • Syscon patchable check
  • Manual patch bug fix
  • Minor errors fix
  • NOR Entropy stats
  • Syscon manual patch
  • Minor errors fix
  • Syscon DEBUG toggle
  • Syscon NVStorage class
  • Syscon show active slot
  • Files compare
  • UART, Memtest toggle
  • Sys flags clean
  • Edit mem clock and SAMU
  • Downgrade switch patterns
  • Syscon base check
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PS4 Wee Tools for NOR and Syscon Manipulations by AndyManDev.png


Does anyone have an actual practical guide to this? I have my SYSCON and NOR dumps successfully already.
Friends, I have not been able to solve the problem with my console. I'm still stuck on CE-34706-0 when I try to load the game from the cd. And when I try to play the game from PSN I get CE-30022-7.

I replaced the internal hard disk and did the system from the beginning and it behaves the same as with the old one. I have done both restore licenses and rebuild database and every time I get the same errors. The console was jailbreak a long time ago, but after removing jailbreak, it worked for 2 years without any problem.

The problem appeared suddenly, I really don't know how to solve it. Does anyone have any ideas?
there is a problem with sata chip or the pins are dirty from internal. connect an external hdd and make it the default install location then try to start the game !! also reinstall the fw and initialize ps4
Hello team, I fixed my PS4 Pro 11.00FW I have 2 errors:

1. ERROR CE-34706-0 (CD GAME)
2. ERROR CE-30022-7 (PSN GAME)

1. Step

Use CH341a programmer and read dump with neoprogramer V2.2.0.10

2. Step

Use ps4-wee-tools (linked in OP)

3. Step
1: UART                    : On
2: Memory test             : [FF]
3: RNG/Keystorage test     : [FF]
4: Buttons swap            : X - select
5: HDD slow mode           : On
6: Memory budget mode      : Large
7: Safe boot               : [00]
8: Update mode             : On
9: Arcade mode             : On
10: Registry recovery      : On
11: IDU (Kiosk mode)       : Off
12: Boot mode              : Release
13: MANU mode              : On
4. Step

Write your new dump on your PS4

5. Step

Start your PS4 and ENJOY!

6. Step

I recommend initalize your PS4 but it doesn't really matter.

Is Andy Man (aka Andy_maN or AndyManDev) a member on this forum? Their v0.9.0 and v0.9.5 releases of PS4 Wee Tools on GitHub have a couple of mistakes.

Nevertheless, it's a great tool!

The Convert 5v to 2.8-3.3v section in the middle of the ..\ps4-wee-tools-v0.9.x\assets\hw\spiway\diagram.jpg diagram for the Teensy++ 2.0 NOR connections has a couple of mistakes:
  • Variant A
    • VCC and GND wires/lines should be swapped
    • With the above correction, the shown R1 & R2 configuration would give 3.96V and not 2.8V-3.3V
  • Variant B
    • 3v3 VCC should be the center pin (#2, Vout) on the left (currently NC)
Again, this is a great tool. Just some diagram typos.

I moved your post to the ongoing topic, however, I'm not aware of the developer being a member so you may want to add these findings to the Issues section on Github as well. :tup:
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