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Not long ago we reported on PlayStation 4 developer Specter starting a blog at, and now @ryan111 let us know in the PSXHAX Shoutbox that he also put one online located at for PS4 developers to collaborate with.

So far there are only three blog posts, linked below:
The first entry appears to be a PS4 system volume key, and while those following the PS4 scene may recall awhile back vapour (aka xxmcvapourxx) revealed a passcode fingerprint key for the PS4 BD ROM there are already plenty of PlayStation 4 keys on the Wiki ranging from Activation to DRM.

PlayStation 4 developer @WhiteOverfl0w of the WhiteOverfl0w GIT projects asked if the information came from a USB dump, and @ryan111 confirmed it didn't so here's looking forward to further details.

Also for those who missed it (like myself :p) back in May of this year @B7U3 C50SS shared some PS4 *** Tool download links, which appear to have came from the PlayStation Dev Wiki HERE with mirrors HERE... below are the links in case they get removed by the Wiki owners:

Neighborhood / Neighborhood-3_50_0_13.msi (21.7 MB)!FRQUDLDQ!duaxYjxzSBvxdXU_z8KRQ1O3Lf--gIEdnh9uC4RdLh0

PS File System Driver / PSFSD-6_0_172_4.exe (3.9 MB)!4BwhzTQD!Uga8bBkKsfydG3gMYE-_m3u882BnX4gZGIFU9OyvgnY

Remote Viewer- / RemoteViewer-3_50_0_12.msi (15.1 MB)!tRR0zbjR!_MCiX2tIDHj60WW9y7ctOy4-Lux0rWyLmqc5HWyrrWg

Target Manager Server / TMServer-3_50_0_55.msi (8.7 MB)!ZJhWwTSD!wC-eDgSb8NSrHU4dwLv8RM300ZHlN6N_Bfn2r77T0Ew

If anyone else out there has spotted any PlayStation 4 Software Development Kit (PS4 ***) files floating around the Interwebs feel free to share them below or Contact Us. Thanks in advance! (y)
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B7U3 C50SS

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EDIT: Okay, however i wil say thank-you to @PSXHAX for including the *** tools i was given. don't remember anymore who gave them that was back in May. :whistle: anyway thanks man i appreciate it. ;)
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