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Following his PS4 Syscon Loader Python Script, today PlayStation 4 developer @SocraticBliss shared via Twitter a Python script to display detailed information of a decrypted PS4 PUP file while sending @flatz thanks on Twitter. :geek:

This comes proceeding the PS4 PUP_Decrypt & PUP_Unpack releases, some Decrypt_PUP_Header Patches, a PS4 Inner PUP Files of PS4UPDATE System comparison, a PS4 PUP Unpacker Rewrite, another PS4 PUP Unpacker and details on the Fully Decrypted PUP File contents.

Download: / / GIT
#!/usr/bin/env python
' PS4 Decrypted PUP Information by SocraticBliss (R)
' Major Thanks to flatz <3

import struct
import sys

class Pup():
    __slots__ = ('MAGIC', 'VERSION', 'MODE', 'ENDIAN', 'FLAGS',
                 'FILE_SIZE', 'PADDING_2', 'BLOB_COUNT', 'FLAGS_2', 'PADDING_3')

    def __init__(self, f):

        self.MAGIC        = struct.unpack('4B',
        self.VERSION      = struct.unpack('<B',[0]
        self.MODE         = struct.unpack('<B',[0]
        self.ENDIAN       = struct.unpack('<B',[0]
        self.FLAGS        = struct.unpack('<B',[0]
        self.CONTENT      = struct.unpack('<B',[0]
        self.PRODUCT      = struct.unpack('<B',[0]
        self.PADDING      = struct.unpack('2x',
        self.HEADER_SIZE  = struct.unpack('<H',[0]
        self.META_SIZE    = struct.unpack('<H',[0]
        self.FILE_SIZE    = struct.unpack('<I',[0]
        self.PADDING_2    = struct.unpack('4x',
        self.BLOB_COUNT   = struct.unpack('<H',[0]
        self.FLAGS_2      = struct.unpack('<H',[0]
        self.PADDING_3    = struct.unpack('4x',
        # Blobs
        Pup.BLOBS = [Blob(f) for blob in range(self.BLOB_COUNT)]

    def __str__(self):
        print('Target: PS4')
        print('SONY Header:')
        print('  Magic:                0x' + ''.join(format(byte, '2X') for byte in self.MAGIC))
        print('  Version:              0x%X'         % self.VERSION)
        print('  Mode:                 0x%X'         % self.MODE)
        print('  Endianness:           0x%X\t\t(%s)' % (self.ENDIAN, self.endian()))
        print('  Flags:                0x%X'         % self.FLAGS)
        print('  Content Type:         0x%X\t\t(%s)' % (self.CONTENT, self.content()))
        print('  Product Type:         0x%X\t\t(%s)' % (self.PRODUCT, self.product()))
        print('  Header Size:          0x%X'         % self.HEADER_SIZE)
        print('  Metadata Size:        0x%X'         % self.META_SIZE)
        print('  File Size:            0x%X'         % self.FILE_SIZE)
        print('  Number of Blobs:      0x%X\t\t(%i)' % (self.BLOB_COUNT, self.BLOB_COUNT))
        print('  Flags:                0x%X'         % self.FLAGS_2)

    def endian(self):
        return {
            0x0 : 'Big Endian',
            0x1 : 'Little Endian',
        }.get(self.ENDIAN, 'Missing Endian!!!')

    def content(self):
        return {
            0x1 : 'ELF',
            0x4 : 'PUP',
        }.get(self.CONTENT, 'Missing Content Type!!!')

    def product(self):
        return {
            0x0 : 'PUP',
            0x8 : 'ELF',
            0x9 : 'PRX',
            0xC : 'K',
            0xE : 'SM',
            0xF : 'SL',
        }.get(self.PRODUCT, 'Missing Product Type!!!')

class Blob():
    __slots__ = ('FLAGS', 'OFFSET', 'FILE_SIZE', 'MEMORY_SIZE',
                 'ID', 'TYPE', 'COMPRESSED', 'BLOCKED')

    def __init__(self, f):
        self.FLAGS        = struct.unpack('<Q',[0]
        self.OFFSET       = struct.unpack('<Q',[0]
        self.FILE_SIZE    = struct.unpack('<Q',[0]
        self.MEMORY_SIZE  = struct.unpack('<Q',[0]

    def __str__(self, entry):
        self.ID           = self.FLAGS >> 20
        self.TYPE         = self.type(id)
        self.COMPRESSED   = 'True' if self.FLAGS & 0x8 == 0x8 else 'False'
        self.BLOCKED      = 'True' if self.FLAGS & 0x800 == 0x800 else 'False'
        print('0x%02X - %s'                  % (entry, self.type(self.ID)))
        print('  Flags:                0x%X' % self.FLAGS)
        print('    Id:         0x%X'         % self.ID)
        print('    Compressed: %s'           % self.COMPRESSED)
        print('    Blocked:    %s'           % self.BLOCKED)
        print('  File Offset:          0x%X' % self.OFFSET)
        print('  File Size:            0x%X' % self.FILE_SIZE)
        print('  Memory Size:          0x%X' % self.MEMORY_SIZE)

    def type(self, type):
        return {
            0x1   : 'emc_ipl.slb',
            0x2   : 'eap_kbl.slb',
            0x3   : 'torus2_fw.slb',
            0x4   : 'sam_ipl.slb',
            0x5   : 'coreos.slb',
            0x6   : 'system_exfat.img',
            0x7   : 'eap_kernel.slb',
            0x8   : 'eap_vsh_fat16.img',
            0x9   : 'preinst_fat32.img',
            0xA   : '', # sflash0s1.cryptx40
            0xB   : 'preinst2_fat32.img',
            0xC   : 'system_ex_exfat.img',
            0xD   : 'emc_ipl.slb',
            0xE   : 'eap_kbl.slb',
            0xF   : '', # test
            0x10  : '', # sbram0
            0x11  : '', # sbram0
            0x12  : '', # sbram0
            0x13  : '', # sbram0
            0x14  : '', # sbram0
            0x15  : '', # sbram0
            0x16  : '', # sbram0
            # 0x17 - 0x1F
            0x20  : 'emc_ipl.slb',
            0x21  : 'eap_kbl.slb',
            0x22  : 'torus2_fw.slb',
            0x23  : 'sam_ipl.slb',
            0x24  : 'emc_ipl.slb',
            0x25  : 'eap_kbl.slb',
            0x26  : 'sam_ipl.slb',
            0x27  : 'sam_ipl.slb',
            0x28  : 'emc_ipl.slb',
            # 0x29
            0x2A  : 'emc_ipl.slb',
            0x2B  : 'eap_kbl.slb',
            0x2C  : 'emc_ipl.slb',
            0x2D  : 'sam_ipl.slb',
            0x2E  : 'emc_ipl.slb',
            # 0x2F
            0x30  : 'torus2_fw.bin',
            0x31  : 'sam_ipl.slb',
            0x32  : 'sam_ipl.slb',
            # 0x33 - 0x100
            0x101 : 'eula.xml',
            # 0x102 - 0x1FF
            0x200 : 'orbis_swu.elf',
            # 0x201
            0x202 : 'orbis_swu.self',
            # 0x203 - 0x300
            0x301 : '', # update
            0x302 : '', # update
            0x30E : '', # test
            0x30F : '', # test
            # 0x310 - 0xCFF
            0xD00 : '', # sc_fw_update0
            0xD01 : 'bd_firm.slb',
            0xD02 : 'sata_bridge_fw.slb',
            # 0xD03 - 0xD06
            0xD07 : '', # sc_fw_update0
            0xD08 : '', # sc_fw_update0
            0xD09 : 'cp_fw_kernel.slb',
            # 0xD0A - 0xF01
            0xF02 : '', # watermark
            0xF03 : '', # watermark
        }.get(type, 'Missing')


def main(argc, argv):

    # Load in our decrypted PS4 PUP file
        with open(argv[1], 'rb') as INPUT:
            PUP = Pup(INPUT)

    except IOError:
        raise SystemExit('\n  ERROR: Invalid Input File!!!')
    except IndexError:
        raise SystemExit('\n  Usage: python %s [PUPUPDATE#.PUP.dec]' % argv[0])

    # Loop through our blobs
    for count, blob in enumerate(PUP.BLOBS):

if __name__ == '__main__':
    main(len(sys.argv), sys.argv)

From the PS4 Decrypted PUP Information

SocraticBliss (R)

In case you want to know in detail the files that are extracted by the various other PUP Unpackers :)

Major Thanks to flatz <3

  1. Download a decrypted PUP File
  2. python PS4UPDATE#.PUP.dec Script for PS4 Decrypted PUP Info by SocraticBliss.jpg



Senior Member
Just curious, why is everyone hellbent on the ps5 being hacked on release day. I’m dam sure Sony has fixed the WebKit and probably completely different.

How many years did the PS4 take? I’m sure new console new structure. They have learned from every console. Not to be rude but I think it’s a big pipe dream and/or a ploy to drive sales lol.
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