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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter RetroGamer74       Start date Apr 8, 2018 at 3:12 PM       31,065       74      
Hi guys, as many of you know I was pending to release the firmware v3 for ESP8266 following my last update. It was a bit difficult but I got here.

You can get it directly from the GitHub repository: retrogamerfirmv3.bin

You can also take a look to the demo preview, and from the file: Firmware V3 (PS4ADMIN) for chip ESP8266 including PS4 4.55 Exploits

Firmware for chip ESP8266 including PS4 4.55 Exploits

This firmware includes next payloads: AppToUSB, Original (Payload Injections 9020 Port), HEN, HEN-VR, DUMPER, BACKUP, FTP, Enable Browser, Block FW Updates, Unblock FW Updates, Arabic Guy v1.0 GTA V ModMenu, WildeModz v.1.1 GTA V ModMenu, Lamance v.0.7 GTA V ModMenu.

English Installation Instructions

Download the ZIP package of this repository

Use retrogamerfirmv3.bin if you want firmware in english language.

Flash ESP8266 firmware using next flasher.

You can flash the firmware using Windows x86, Windows x86_64, or MacOSX.

Once running PS4:
  • Settings -> Networking setup.
  • Choose option Customized.
  • Select WiFi network identified by PS4Wifi. ( Password not required )
  • Select Automatic IP.
  • DNS IP, Set values for Primary and Secondary DNS to:
  • Set next options to their default values, until you reach the end of the networking setup.
  • Finally go to the Users Guide, in the Settings. The website installed into ESP8266 firmware will be shown. Ver: 1.0

qwertyoruiop, specter dev, flatz

Setting Up ESP8266 For PS4 (Quick & Dirty) via MasterTurkey
PS4 WiFi AP with i2c display
Portable PS4 Jailbreak (ESP8266 In An SMS Cart) via MasterTurkey
PS4ADMIN (Firmware V3) for ESP8266 by RetroGamer74.jpg



Can't access anything user guide just shows blank page but when I use al-azif dns I access his webkit exploit.. any help am stuck


found the issue.
we need to do the original exploit (holy grail) first before the HEN exploit.
that way the rest mode is working great!
thanks for your help

Sup Im BirDy

Great release!! Hello All, been wondering if anyone else keeps getting the CE-30013-7 error code while using the Original K-exploit. I'm using PS4 admin with the ESP8266 on DNS and also the new DNS but the code keeps popping up whenever i try to run my Wolfenstein II game. Any info on this?

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v3 site is overcomplicated and less readable. To much clicks and page reloads.

Site can be done more userfriendly.

I can help with design


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Op original video file seems to be offline...

Real Reason for posting ... @RetroGamer74 Could you make a firmware version which includes 4.05 & 4.55 exploits/payloads ... I have a 32MB card coming and i'd like to see if I can get a firmware for that. More room, figured it would be possible to host any and all payloads? I'd do it myself, but I'm a big fan of your app. The looks and style are easily the best out there so far (v3). I know you're normally restricted to 4MB, but some cards have 16MB and 32MB flash... pretty please?

Basically everything and anything you can fit on 32MB version of these tinker boards...


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I created my own version, simple and light, with all the information on how it works in a scroll box, but it's in my native language.
Just click and run payload.


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