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PlayStation 4 gamers into live streaming platforms such as Twitch may want to check out the open source project PS4Broadcast by Tilerphy, with recent maintenance updates from Xingxingge (Changchun) Technology Co., Ltd. to the Linux-based server script. 📶

Download: / Latest Release / GIT

From the, roughly translated from Chinese: PS4Broadcast


Thank you for your support. After the 2.0.0 version of the project, it was handed over to Xingxingge (Changchun) Technology Co., Ltd. for maintenance. The project remains open source.


In view of the fact that PS4 does not have the function of live broadcast to domestic live broadcast platforms, it uses some means to intercept twitch RTMP content and IRC chat room content, and forward it to Douyu (in the future, other domestic live broadcast platforms may be added.)

In addition, this is just a as a compromise, it may be a few days before PS4 officially supports the domestic live streaming platform. At least this is possible for the machine. Who is right? So this plan is only a temporary one, there is no other way.

Why open source

Sharing is the foundation of the network.

Why is Linux?
  1. The Windows operating system is too indirect to do network forwarding, and it is not easy to write a script. And the author will only configure iptables in Linux.
  2. In addition, the author used Raspberry Pi 3 (an ultra-small computer similar to a microcontroller), so Windows is not easy to use.
  3. Then again, if there is a big actor willing to port to openwrt, let the router achieve this function, I can also use this program.
Need to know

Some basic knowledge of Linux, some shell scripts and directory knowledge.

If not, please use the mirror tutorial directly:

The latest mirror release:

If Twitch is not bound and needs scientific Internet access, please go to qq group 383701265 to find me, I can provide a temporary agent.

Ready to work

Debian 8 or Raspbian (Raspberry Pi operating system, debian ARM compilation) computer or Raspberry Pi or virtual machine, the IP of this computer is assumed to be a running machine of another computer or virtual machine.

Nodejs 6+ is recommended to go directly to Nodejs v8.7.0

LAN real IP, network card device number

Run ifconfig to get the current network card address, generally eth0, some are eth1, or enp0s3 or something, similar:
eth0: flags=4163<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST>  mtu 1500
        inet netmask  broadcast
        inet6 fe80::2e0:66ff:fee7:e31b  prefixlen 64  scopeid 0x20<link>
        ether 00:e0:86:f7:e3:1b  txqueuelen 1000  (Ethernet)
        RX packets 20558634  bytes 16007006847 (14.9 GiB)
        RX errors 0  dropped 0  overruns 0  frame 0
        TX packets 17867778  bytes 15731185654 (14.6 GiB)
        TX errors 0  dropped 0 overruns 0  carrier 0  collisions 0
eth0NIC is the device number the machine's real IP

Get ready
  1. Execute the apt-get install -y git sudo tar libnet-ifconfig-wrapper-perl xz-utilsinstallation tool. The purpose of sudo is to execute commands as an administrator.
  2. /Create a directory under the directory for conveniencemkdir /ps4broadcast
  3. Enter this directorycd /ps4broadcast
  4. git clone
  5. Download the latest nodejs source code, and compile and install
tar -xvf node-v8.7.0.tar.gz
cd node-v8.7.0
sudo ./configure
sudo make && sudo make install
The implementation of node -vthe results obtained should be v8.7.0or other version number.

Ready to check

The directory structure should be
Carry on

Change script execution permissions
cd /ps4broadcast/ps4broadcast
sudo chmod 777
sudo chmod 777
sudo chmod 777
Execute installation script
sudo ./
sudo npm install
Start live streaming?

0. Twitch

If you haven’t done anything, start a game on PS4, press the share button on the controller, select “Play Play Screen”, and select twitch. If you haven’t live streamed twitch before, you will be asked to register a twitch account. Please follow the prompts to register an account step by step, and twitchid.

1. Beta

First open the website that you want to live broadcast, currently only Douyu, enter your own live broadcast room, there is a "live switch" at the top of your live broadcast screen, click on. Then the interface will refresh, and then you will find a "live code" button at the top left of your live room screen. Click it, and a box will pop up.

Where the rtmp address is called url

We call the live code
2. Our server

The device number needs to be used here, assuming that the device number previously obtained iseth0
cd /ps4broadcast/ps4broadcast

sudo ./start-web eth0
3. Control Panel


Fill in Twitch ID (Twitch's login name), and Douyu Room Id (Beta Live Room Number)

The beta get there urland codeback fill, clickreset live

If you get LIVING STATUS: true instructions that everything is working properly (newer version shows yes n channels.)

PS4Broadcast PlayStation 4 Live Streaming Project via Linux by Tilerphy.png

4. PS4

Settings -> Network -> LAN or Wireless -> Custom

Set it up like this:
  • IP:
  • (Netmask):
  • (Gateway):
  • Primary DNS:
Then go all the way to the next step.

Find a game, press the share button on the controller, select "Play Play Screen", select twitch, and go to the next step.

If there is no effect from Beta, it may be that the live broadcast code of Beta is expired. After all, it is only valid for 5 minutes. It will be invalid if it does not expire, so please re-apply urland codefill in the Control Panel, click reset live, and then start broadcasting again on PS4.

Special thanks
  • PSNID: jwq-1416 Thanks for his outstanding contribution to the functional testing.
:arrow: Also heating things up on Twitter today in the PS2 Scene following his PS2 Yabasic Exploit is a FreeDVDBoot PlayStation 2 DVD Player Exploit by @CTurt! 🔥

FreeDVDBoot ESR Patcher GUI updates via jolek / ESR Disc Patcher CLI GIT Fork by edo9300

Download: FreeDVDBoot PREBUILT ISOs / / GIT / Blog / FreeDVDBoot_Auto_Patch_v0.1.rar (609.33 KB) / FDVD_ESR_Patcher_Gui_v0.1.7z (542.78 KB) / FDVDB_ESR_Patcher_GUI_v0.2_.7z (585.58 KB) / FDVDB_ESR_Patcher_GUI_v0.3.7z (610.2 KB) / FDVDB_ESR_Patcher_v0.4_by_Jabu.7z (566.75 KB)

FreeDVDBoot - PlayStation 2 exploit demo

Demonstration video of new PlayStation 2 exploit through the DVD player, which allows burning homebrew games and running them on an unmodified console the same way you would with official discs.
PS4Broadcast PlayStation 4 Live Streaming Project via Linux by Tilerphy.jpg


playing a game would be a dream for somes upcoming years , not affordable , Not hackable , i predict also that youtube gaming channels would have payed access , the story of walkthrough ends there.
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