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Building upon PS4Cheater from various PlayStation 4 Scene developers over the years, I bring you the latest PS4_Cheater: PS4 Cheater Homebrew App for Game Cheat Codes version from my (@ctn) Github Repo fork with updates added to this topic via Twitter as they're available.

Download: PS4 Cheater x64 / PS4 Cheater x86 (Latest Version) / GIT / NidusGaming Discord Channel / CTN123 Ko-Fi Page <3 / PS4 Save Mounter (Unofficial) Port Updates by @ctn


PS4 Cheater is homebrew APP to find game cheat codes, and it is based on ps4debug. This is a work in progress.

Changelog: v1.5.4

Rev 4: update
  • Fixed 6.72 PS4 Reaper attach issue
Rev 3: update
  • Added x86 build (WARNING: Causes AV false positives)
  • Minor bug fix to hex editor's context menu.
Rev 2: update
  • Added support for 7.50 and 7.51 using 7.55 offsets (untested)
PS4 Cheater
  • Console scanner
    • Does the scanning on the ps4.
  • Auto detects your ps4 firmware
    • Removed firmware selection drop down.
  • Fixed Refresh bug
  • Fixed "Add to Cheat List" appearing multiple times
  • Single ps4debug payload for all firmware (5.05, 6.72, 7.02, 7.55)
    • Rewrote portions of ps4debug to allow this.
  • New functions
    • Find Get Firmware version
    • Console logger.
    • Console scanner + Utility functions.
      • Added Unknown Initial Value scan.
      • Added Unknown Initial Low Value scan.
      • Proper float and double scans.
      • Alignment support
        • Currently only one/off.
    • New IO functions for more efficient r/w. (Not currently used)
  • Fixed char/byte bug, so we can now send uint8_t as 1 byte.
Performance tips:
  • auto-pause enables scans to happen faster :) for games that support it.
  • Use Unknown Initial Low Value to filter out useless high values to speed up scans.
  • Console scanner is fast but it's not always faster than the non-console scanner.
  • You can enable console scanner for the first scan, then disable for the next scan etc.
    • Can mix and match
If you like my builds or have feature requests. Please support me.


Open PS4_Cheater.sln with Visual Studio and build.

  • payloads directory will be copied to the debug/release directory as a post-build step.
  • If using ps4debug payloads directory on its own, be sure to grab libdebug.dll.
    • Need both for the speedfix.
  • Included pre-compiled ps4debug binaries are built from:
    • 5.05 - ps4debug.git @ b446dced06009705c6f8d70e79113637d1690210
    • 6.72 - ps4debug.git @ b446dced06009705c6f8d70e79113637d1690210 (with 6.72 offsets)
    • 7.02 - ps4debug.git @ 7c114ba1b8fe2d5bbdad0079dec442deff10c4e0
    • 7.55 - ps4debug.git @ 616a083250308b93fcb051d6782daba8520c970e
Acknowledgements & Thanks!
  • Countless contributors to jkpatch, ps4-ksdk, ps4-payload-***, ps4debug and PS4_Cheater.
  • DeathRGH for the speedfix tweak for ps4debug.
  • Al-Azif for his ps4-exploit-host - Very useful for local testing.
PS4Cheater PS4 Cheater Homebrew App for Game Cheat Codes CTN123 Fork.jpg



Senior Member
@elmag7ol, Have you tried:
  • Enabling auto-pause
  • Disabling auto-pause
  • Disabling console-scan
  • Hitting the pause button in game before scanning.
  • Scanning a few sections at a time to see if there's a problematic section, if a section causes the issue, can you take a screenshot of the section.
Please report back if any of these do/don't work for each of these.

I might have missed something, then again, I don't have this game.


@ctn it didn't work also, I tried all the above but the problem is it shuts down the console once I choose the process and just hit the first scan button. It worked with version 1.4.7


Senior Member
@elmag7ol Got a screenshot of the problematic section?

Also can you try some of the versions between 1.5.0 and latest cheater? Find the last known good version if it exists.

It'll help me track down the issue.

Update: Hi All,

New version is out: Version

Note: Sorry all, been busy playing FF7 remake, the story is so good! -> which caused "New pointer scan algorithm isn't done yet"

Rev 1: update
  • Minor bug fix to version parsing
PS4 Cheater
  • Cheats
    • Dedicated scan AOB and batch AOB scan function
    • AOB with (+/-) offset cheat
      • Option to scan local split section or full scan unsplit section
      • Enable AOB cheats only when ps4debug is Ctn version
      • Only allow write if Found is true
  • Hex Editor
    • Fix Hex editor view issue with incorrect selection length.
    • Fixed bug when changing type to unsigned byte
    • Fix Hex Editor status bar covering last row.
  • Cheat List
    • New Right click -> Edit Value(s)
    • Right click -> Edit now affects multiple rows
    • Changed behavior of editing cheats to only refresh the changed cheat, not the whole cheat list.
    • Improve UI performance of
      • Loading cheats
      • Refreshing cheats
  • Pointer Scans
    • Fixed a bug in PointerScan.
      • Incorrectly setting split sections
    • Sort pointer scan results
    • Reduce search space
      • Include executable and interested section in scans.
    • Removed "Fast Scan" option
    • Added option for Alignment.
      • Checked: scan in lots of 8 bytes
      • Unchecked: scan in lots of 1 byte
  • Fixed annoying reset of defaults for between value and between low value when scan type is the same.
  • Bump version to v1.1.13
  • Forgot what I fixed -> I blame FF7 remake.
  • Base version:
    • Moved the following from cheater to base ps4debug/libdebug
      • dedicated scan AOB function for AOB cheats
      • batch AOB scan
    • Bump version to v1.0.13


Senior Member
No sorry, it's been reported before but I don't have the game to test.
I have a rough idea what's happening though.


Thank you for this awesome program! :)
I am trying to add pointers by double clicking them on the Pointer finder list, but always getting the following error. Is this a known bug? How can I fix this?



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