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PS4 Jailbreaking       Thread starter ctn       Start date Apr 3, 2021 at 12:40 PM       228      
Building upon PS4Cheater from various PlayStation 4 Scene developers over the years, I bring you the latest PS4_Cheater: PS4 Cheater Homebrew App for Game Cheat Codes version from my (@ctn) Github Repo fork with updates added to this topic via Twitter as they're available.

Download: PS4 Cheater x64 / PS4 Cheater x86 (Latest Version) / PS4_Cheater v1.5.4.7 / PS4_Cheater v1.5.4.6 for 9.00 / GIT / NidusGaming Discord Channel / CTN123 Ko-Fi Page <3 / PS4 Save Mounter (Unofficial) Port Updates by @ctn


PS4 Cheater is homebrew APP to find game cheat codes, and it is based on ps4debug. This is a work in progress.


Note: It's about time the console scanner gets a re-write. This time focused on performance. Just got to finish something first.

Note: Found a bug with adding addresses, I'm pulling cheater, will update when fixed.

Update: False alarm, not a bug. I did improve one of the UI functions slightly, might as well grab the new exe's.

Please let me know if there's any issues.

PS4 Cheater
  • Minor UI tweaks
    • Fix refresh/select all UI slowdown with excessive sections i.e. 60k+
    • Added Selected and Total sections.
  • Bump version to v1.1.15
    • Fix RPC issue present in standard ps4debug.

  • There were a few 9.00 dumps, and the offsets differ slightly, please let me know if you run into any issues.
  • Not everything is tested, use with caution.
PS4 Cheater
  • No changes
  • Bump version to v1.1.14
  • Support for 9.00
    • Thanks to:
      • Shiningami for helping to port and verify the offsets.
      • xZenithy for helping with testing.
      • readable_name-NeqTyKto for helping with testing.

Open PS4_Cheater.sln with Visual Studio and build.

  • payloads directory will be copied to the debug/release directory as a post-build step.
  • If using ps4debug payloads directory on its own, be sure to grab libdebug.dll.
    • Need both for the speedfix.
  • Included pre-compiled ps4debug binaries are built from:
    • 5.05 - ps4debug.git @ b446dced06009705c6f8d70e79113637d1690210
    • 6.72 - ps4debug.git @ b446dced06009705c6f8d70e79113637d1690210 (with 6.72 offsets)
    • 7.02 - ps4debug.git @ 7c114ba1b8fe2d5bbdad0079dec442deff10c4e0
    • 7.55 - ps4debug.git @ 616a083250308b93fcb051d6782daba8520c970e
Acknowledgements & Thanks!
  • Countless contributors to jkpatch, ps4-ksdk, ps4-payload-***, ps4debug and PS4_Cheater.
  • DeathRGH for the speedfix tweak for ps4debug.
  • Al-Azif for his ps4-exploit-host - Very useful for local testing.
Performance tips:
  • auto-pause enables scans to happen faster :) for games that support it.
  • Use Unknown Initial Low Value to filter out useless high values to speed up scans.
  • Console scanner is fast but it's not always faster than the non-console scanner.
  • You can enable console scanner for the first scan, then disable for the next scan etc.
    • Can mix and match
If you like my builds, please donate to help fund the development of PS4 Cheater and ps4debug.

Spoiler: Changelogs

PS4Cheater PS4 Cheater Homebrew App for Game Cheat Codes CTN123 Fork.jpg



Hi. I've been using this program since forever without issues,
but now it seems that every game I make cheats for can't load
its saved cheat table. I always get 'invalid cheat code' as a result and I'm forced to refind the stuff I need.

Yesterday I spent two hours modding a lot of things in Star Ocean V, saved my "work" (a mix of cheats with 2 bytes, 4 bytes and float values) and today nothing loads. Using latest version on 5.05, from desktop. Tried older versions, same.

Anyone in my same boat?


has anyone got any tips or guide on finding working pointers?

I'm on 9.00 running PS4 Cheater

I have no issue finding what I need to find, but when it comes to games that are not static, I can't seem to find pointers, also not used to PS4 Cheater as such, tools I have used before ask you to compare dumps, but I cant see or find anywhere that PS4 Cheater scan dumps go.



hi everyone :) plz help,does anyone know how to change player’s attributes if fifa 23 in career mode? when i find 4 bytes value it doesn’t change in the game :(

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