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Following the previous release, here are some recent PS4Debug updates to my PlayStation 4 debugger application introducing the Debug Watch utility. :geek:

A debugger with software breakpoints, hardware breakpoints, pause, stop, read memory, write memory, and all other sorts of functionality! You can use this along side my old project jkpatch or by itself.

Debug Watch - A simple tool I made to test the debugger out!

Download: (1.36 MB) / (Mirror) / ps4debug.bin / PS4 Debug fork via jormbs / ps4debug.bin (52 KB) / libdebug.dll (26 KB) / ps4debug672_GiantPluto_DeathRGH.rar (32.14 KB) / ps4debug.bin / libdebug.dll (For 6.72) (with ASLR fix) / GIT Fork via GiantPluto / ps4debug.bin for 7.02 / ps4debug_for_755.bin (51.8 KB) / Unified ps4debug.bin (5.0X, 6.72, 7.02, 7.5X) / ps4debug.bin (52 KB - 9.00 Port / Mirror via @karo218) / ps4debug.bin (51.3 KB - PS4Debug 9.00 open source port fork by kmeps4) / GIT / ps4debug_v1.1.16.bin (85.6 MB - supports 9.00, 9.60, 10.00, 10.01 and 11.00) / GIT

Here is a cool video of me finding ammo and patching it on Call of Duty Ghosts...

My YouTube channel also contains other videos involving the debugger, and more soon?

Coming Soon!
  • to actually finish the project
  • single stepping (already here?)
  • better support for scanning memory
  • changing protection of a memory region
  • calling function (just like jkpatch, I just need to copy the code really)
  • major improvement in Debug Watch memory scanning (wrote this in like 30 min)
Known Bugs
  • fpr structure wrong?
  • sometimes clearing watchpoint wont work, pause the process then try
  • make Debug Watch actually a decent tool
  • memory scanning is terrible
  • software breakpoints suck (throw a ton of interrupts for some reason??)
  • games with massive memory maps crash when attaching or viewing mappings (gta v, bo3, fix soon)
Make sure to join the PS4 Source discord for any questions, or game modding help! ^ I am usually hanging out here

As for developers looking to make tools with this, documentation may come soon but just take the libdebug.dll from Debug Watch and look at the comments for method metadata. I will post the full source for libdebug very soon on my github, probably in the same repo as ps4debug.

Created by golden (Twitter) <3
As always the source code can be found on my github...

:arrow: And from the Github fork's, to quote: ps4debug

This is a debugger for the PlayStation 4. Yes thats right! Look around and you will find some very useful tools online or on the PS4 Source Discord channel. Anything is possible, except kernel mode debugging, which I decided to leave out.

Quickstart Guide

I am going to try to give you a little rundown on how to use ps4debug....
  1. Download Debug Watch or another debugging tool, checkout the discord for downloads
  2. Load the latest version of ps4debug.bin on the console (on the release page)
  3. I recommend just loading ps4debug and your choice of HEN
  4. Start your favorite game!
  5. Attach to the game (or userland process)
  6. Start messing around with your debugging tool, try to find a bug for me!
  7. Make l33t hacks.
Please look at the libdebug folder for a library to use with this payload.


If you want to contribute, then feel free to make a pull request or open an issue with a bug that you have found! I am always in need of people to test for me. Join the PS4 Source Discord and look for golden. Also I need someone that is good at writing to spiff up this readme document. I am always in need of people to do work! It seems like I do everything...

Created by golden

Shout out to ChendoChap, berkayylmao, 2much4u, idc, and zecoxao!

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PS4Debug PlayStation 4 Debugger Updates by G991 (Golden).png


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